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Ross George
Its now about 2
years since we lost
Jim and yet another
thing he was
responsible for was
the gathering of his
old school buddies
from Canley Vale
Public School and
Cabramatta High. A
number of us have
been in touch since
his passing and it
is at this time of
year we think about
him and the fond
memories we had. If
only he could look
down on us to see
the influence he had
on us both from
school and his later
working life.
To Elaine and
Sophie, Alex and the
rest of his family,
I hope that you have
all been able to
continue your lives
in a positive manner
as Jim would have
wanted, but also now
be able to reflect
on such a wonderful
man who I knew since
we were 2
mischievous 4 year
Le Trong Nhi







Saigon City, 27 October 2006
Le Trong Nhi

In rememberance of Jim Walker and Gary Coull for their guts to take my nuts in Viet Nam of 
those rough days 1990-1992. Yes, they are the two. Right Jonathan Sloan?

Tim Cook USA
Dear Elaine,

I was  sad to hear the news about Jim and I have been meaning to write you for sometime. 
I just found this website. Please accept my condolences.  I 
will always be grateful to Jim for hiring me.  I was a student at Chinese University, clueless 
and living in HK. I joined Jim at Crosby in Hong Kong in January of 1985. More importantly, 
he invited me to open the London office with him. It was the two of us in small office. His 
mentoring really moved me forward in my confidence and knowledge about the business.

By coincidence or not, my wife has relatives named Walker and hence our son is named 
James Walker Cook.



Elaine Walker
It's a year since Jim died and although the time has flown in one way, it's been a reflective 
lifetime in another. While we all miss him terribly there are moments when we have a wry 
smile or a goosebump of pride about the way his life was lived and the quiet way he went 
about being a decent man. The Jim Walker Foundation has swung into action ­ providing 
tangible assistance for girls in Vietnam so that they can advance from the limitations of a 
primary school education into high school. As you know, compulsory education in Vietnam 
only goes as far as primary school for girls ­ but now there are 100 direct beneficiaries of the 
Jim Walker Foundation. The Jim Walker 100 -­ let¹s call it that because although it sounds like 
a stock index, it has a human value that is beyond measurement ­ represents the chance of 
a lifetime for these young girls from a Vietnamese village. The programme is being run in 
conjunction with the respected organization, A Room to Read (

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Sophie Walker
I would just like to say that i have recently finished my autobiography which was our project 
at school for term three. Writing this has made me feel sad but also i realise how great and 
caring my dad was. For example when Mum got mad at me Dad would ALWAYS take my side 
unless.... it was about picking up Molly's (our old dog) poo in the garden!!!!

I LOVE MY DAD FOR HE WAS THE GRATEST DAD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elvie Gilbert
It is always a joy
to get mail from
Sophie, my little
princess.  My
husband can tell
from the look on my
face how happy I am
while opening
Sophie’s mail. 
After almost five
years Sophie still
remembers me, her
Yaya.  But today is
different … I am
shocked, angry, and
can’t help but cry.
 Why Jim?  It is not
a surprise to me
that many people
love and adore Jim.
 I can only say that
he is the best
employer I ever had.

For the angel that
Sophie painted for
her Daddy, I see it
in two different
ways.  Jim, as a
angel to his family
and friends.  For
Elaine, there will
always be an angel
who surrounds her
with love – Sophie,
Edwin, Nigel, and
her parents.  I am
blessed where I am
now and realize how
blessed I am that I
had a chance to meet
the Walker and Lucas

Elaine and Sophie,
you will always be
in my thoughts.

Yaya Elvie

Elaine Walker
We have just arrived in Sydney after a “long journey” which included our move from the 
Gold Coast, a trip to Hong Kong, the exploration of Cambodia and Myanmar, and skiing in 

The memorial soiree at the FCC in Hong Kong was simply magnificent (I've attached the 
speech) and we can never thank you enough – Angelique, Gary, Edwin – and all 
of you 
being there.

The next day we flew to Siem Reap and followed in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, Tomb 
Raider. As we discovered the magnificent ruins of Angkor, the parallels with Angelina were 
undeniable - she has a great body, a gorgeous child and an interesting life . . .
A sad note, however, was the plight of the land mine victims who appear to be increasingly 

On to Myanmar, where we stayed in the colonial opulence of the Strand Hotel in Yangon, 
marvelled at the temples of Pagan from hot-air balloons and reflected on life as our 
luxurious. . . 

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Elaine Walker
Friends – where would I be without you

First, let me say some special thankyous: Gary (what more can I say – you're the best); 
Edwin (you are the very best, brother); CLSA and in particular Angelique - Jim always felt 
you did such a wonderful job and tonight is no exception – thankyou.
Also to my three wonderful speechwriters Alice, Bobbie and Heather.
And, of course, a big thankyou to you lot.

People talk about the circles of life - 22 years ago today Jim and I were married in St John’s 
Cathedral and held our wedding reception here at the FCC. Many of you here tonight were 
there as well.

We now talk of "partners" and Jim was definitely the managing director of our relationship. 
In the words of an 11 year old, "Thirty-two sleeps later, we still miss him very much."
How true the saying about time flying and in my moments of grief, I wish I had smelt more 
roses, seen more sunrises and hadn't nagged so much - or maybe nagged even more!
Jim and I fulfilled many of . . . 

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For Jim Walker - A life lived and loved
Memorial at the Foreign Correspondents Club
December 11, 2004 Hong Kong

Good evening everyone and thanks for coming tonight for the Hong Kong wake in memory 
of Jim Walker... friend, colleague, mentor, brother, husband and father... as you know, Jim 
died a few weeks ago in Australia after a brief illness. His passing, while shocking and 
sudden, was painless and peaceful and allowed proper closure between Jim and his family... 
something death does not always accommodate. Jim was also told of the many hundreds of 
well wishers who prayed for him and he took comfort in knowing so many people were 
thinking of him and his family during those difficult days and final hours in November.

After Jim died, Elaine made the decision to celebrate Jim’s life in as upbeat and positive 
manner as possible. Knowing Jim’s lifelong love of horseracing and his non-religious nature, 
the idea of hold a racing wake for him at Australia’s Gold Coast Turf Club and scattering 
some of his as. . . 

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Andy & Jan Homden
Dear Elaine & Sophie, 
                                  Two or three years ago, Jan & I were wandering the streets of HK (as 
you do) on our most recent visit. We were  'between shops' in the general vicinity of 
Wyndham Street, somewhere off on a side street. As has happened before, I was 
tiring . . . . 

Somewhere from the crowd behind emerged that familiar voice of gravel at some volume -
 'Hey Homden, what are you doing here??' The faint hope of a cooling beer crossed my 
mind. It was none other than your man, who emerged from the  middle distance and 
hastened to catch us up. It must have been a good few years since we had met up - 
possibly as long ago as 1988,  but the conversation flowed and we were able to update 
each other on what had happened since! It was good just to chat. 

The next appoinments called, and we went our ways. It's just a little cameo image of Jim - 
one of several - that came straight to my mind when I learned of your sad news. Another 
wa. . . 

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James Walker
To find the right words to say in tribute to the man after whom I was named, I've stared 
into this screen so many times & the only results so far have been quizzical looks from the 
office cleaners and the occasional colleague also burning the midnight oil (relax Jim, the 
traders never saw me cry). Even now I can imagine him reading this with an editor's pen in 
hand, looking down through spectacles perched precariously on the end of that genuine 
Walker nose, but mindful of the writer's feelings, not editing too much.

So, leaving trying to be profound aside, Uncle Jim was the best uncle a lad could ever have. 
Jim had the magic touch when hanging around with his young nephew. The mischievous 
twist to his smile often preceded Jim including me in an adventure or test of skill – several at 
Palm Beach come to mind – briefly followed by his mock serious face and the conspiratorial 
warning "Don't tell your folks". Ever the storyteller, he would of course do exactly that 
h. . . 

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Matthew Oram
I always felt Jim must have been very like “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.”  
And, part of Jim, I’m sure, would have thrilled at the comparison, indeed the thought may 
well have immediately occurred – “why stop at one bank!”  A fearless punter, whose 
intrepidity when chancing his arm, I deeply admired, his feet were planted squarely on the 
ground.  His sang-froid, his independence of mind and his quiet courtesy were exemplary 
and an inspiration.  Gentleman Jim.

In my mind’s eye, I see Jim and his good mate, Gary striding out along Lockhart Road in 
Wanchai in the late 70’s, intent on cornering the market in financial information – Database 
was about to knock Reuters off its world-wide perch!  That was over a quarter century ago.  
Our paths only randomly crossed since then, as Jim and Gary went on to conquer 
increasingly higher peaks.  But we had horses and racing in common. It was a revelation 
when Jim did what so many of us only dreamt about, set  his . . . 

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Tom Waring
Dear Elaine & Sophie
This outpouring of love and respect for your dear Jim would have amazed him. You won't be 
suprised by the strength of feeling that comes through all these messages, however, 
because you were closest to him and as such don't need reminding just how amazing he 
All of us have our own favorite memories of Jim. He had a spirit, wit and intelligence which 
made him special. He also had a warmth which endeared him to so many people. His 
passing has moved so many, even those of us who have not seen him for some time. The 
sadness of your loss will be offset in time by the wealth of happy memories you have of him. 
Farewell, Jim. 
Martin Cornett
To Elaine and Sophie , my greatest sympathies.

I first met Jim in 1983 , just after he joined Hong Leong Securities. It was a memorable 
evening for the man from Hong Kong mainly due to the very poor quality of food served at 
dinner. This chance meeting led to a long lasting friendship , many sporting occasions ,  
wagers , and even included a job offer in 1988 . 

My first and final interview was with Gerry Mordaunt , Chief executive of Laing & Cruickshank 
in London . The meeting started in the usual fashion with neither side opening up until my 
moment presented itself .I knew Jim and Gerry had a  very strong mutual interest in horses 
and I mentioned I had a decent interest in a crack hurdler called Atrabates who had already 
won 3 races that year . The meeting went well ,I joined Winfull Laing & Cruickshank , and 
the rest as they say is history . My share was only 4% through a cricket team.  The 
interview process summarised Jim ,I think we both made the right choi. . . 

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Alan and Fiona Harden
There is little to say. Jim will be missed by many, and you are in our hearts. 
To the good times.....................remember them well!!!!!!
Alan and Fiona
Humphrey Hawksley
Jim, you won HK$700 off me at a poker game in Coull and Dunfee’s apartment in Happy 
Valley in April 1979 and I won it back from you a hundred times over in different ways over 
the next few years in Hong Kong -- at the Quarry Bay Country Club, the haunts of Lockhart 
Road, the humble and precarious beginnings of chicken shit engines and at the races. I 
hadn’t seen you in years, but your name was legendary and it there’s a big gap knowing 
your no longer around. 
Humphrey, whom you called Tommy. 

Michael Charnock
Kipling's poem, If, describes Jim to a tee. More than a man, a gentleman in every sense, he 
had a rare and gifted human touch that transcended all boundaries -- even the perceived 
present one, as the warmth of the memories continues to glow. Elaine and Sophie please 
accept my condolences: your loss is immeasurable. And thank you Jim for being in my life.
Stephen Hill
It's wierd. I am looking at a nude picture of Jim. It is of his behind! I know what the front 
view looks like. He was huge! I truly miss such a big man in all senses of the word. We 
giggled the day I saw it. I know how often he repeated this story, though as usual he 
embellished it. I know this will make him laugh.
Dan and Lisa McHugh
Elaine and I joked a few days ago that we were all lucky to have had Jim for as long as we 
had him. In 1985 I was playing golf with Jim and Elaine and I skulled a five iron at about the 
speed of sound dorectly at the back of Jim's head (he said it was his incredible athletic 
reactions..I knew he was reaching for a sherby) thankfully, .he looked up in time and 
ducked as the ball shattered the windscreen of the golf cart! Jim--ever the gentleman 
looked at me and simply said your still away!! 
We would go sometimes months and even a few years without much dialogue, but no 
matter how long it had been since our last meeting/beer/golf game/family get together it 
always seemed like we had just seen each other..especially when Jimbo would say" Hello 
There is a big hole in our hearts and lives and we will always remember and treasure Jim as 
truly one of the most remarkeable people ever to grace our lives. 
God bless you Jim, you will never be forgotten my friend. . . 

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Ken Williams
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

I was deeply shocked to hear of Jim’s passing.  Although my time at CLSA was brief and 
contact with Jim fleeting I shared two tremendous occasions (particularly idiosyncratic of 
Jim) with him. He was an institution in his own right and terrific character, who will be 
missed greatly.


Harald Ludwig
oh jim , how you will be missed by all.  you have touched so many of us in your life, spirit 
and quiet competitive ways.  your every breath, your laughter, your kindness and your 
sharp wit set you apart.  the testimony is the legacy you leave with those whose lives you 
have changed, inspired and fulfilled.  the calm demeanour accompanied by your clever grin 
and sparkling but sometimes naughty eyes have led us all astray from time to time but only 
to better us all.   the impact on your colleagues, your friends, your business associates and 
those you love most, elaime and sophie, will always be remembered with fondness and 
deep gratitude.   you love to listen, to engage in an intellectual conversation , provide your 
opinion and provocative remarks only to later disarm all unsuspecting souls with your witty
rebutals that reflected on the rogue within.  a pint or two etc. was a motto for you but 
friendship was always the necessary ingredient and you will be missed with a. . . 

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Mike & Nana Lamont
Dear Elaine and Sophie
Our heartfelt condolences.  Jim will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.   Our 
thoughts are with you both and we hope to catch up with you in Hong Kong.
Leaper and Nana
Donald & Kathie Skinner
Dear Elaine & Sophie
Kathie's and my thoughts have been with you in the last few weeks.  We were very 
saddened to hear of Jim's death.

Jim was in effect our match-maker.  Having dragged me out of London "for at least 2 years" 
in 1987, I met Kathie on day one of my seventeen years in Asia.  Kathie was Jim's PA.  
Moving from HK to Singapore in 1991 to get married, I again found Jim as my boss there.  He 
was always there for personal advice, a round of golf and a helping hand. On coming back 
to HK in 1999 it was not long before Jim was providing advice, humour, beer and a guiding 
hand in CLSA once again.   In all that time I rarely saw Jim lose his cool or say an unkind 
word about any one.  He held his council close and was an example for anyone in dealing 
with people from all sides of the business.   We shall miss his insights into people, the 
business and his great generosity.

Donald & Kathie
Roger Nissim
I have played against Jim many times and he was one of those rare species 'an Australian 
Gentleman' he was also a gentle man, intelligent, quietly spoken but with a twinkle in his 
eye, great sense of humour, who loved a beer after the game. As a player he was gifted 
with great positional sense, always seeming to be in the right place at the right time. He 
played the game in a deceptively simple way, as all good players do making it look easy 
when lesser players like myself struggled (and failed) to play at his level. Certainly a sad 
loss to every one who knew him but I am sure he would want all of us who knew him to 
celebrate his life with a beer in hand and drinking to his memory. Cannot say fairer than 
that, Roger
Hugh Rose ( Rosie)
Dear Elaine,

I am very sorry to hear about Jim it's quite a shock.
We had some good times back in 1980's in HK although we have 
gone our separate ways I have some good stories about those times
with Jim.
As someone else has already mention Jim always had a grin even when 
he had just been clobbered with a Hockey stick!

Averil and I offer our deepest condolences to you. 

Averil Waters and Hugh Rose 

For Jim Walker
For Jim Walker
Racing Wake at the Gold Coast Turf Club, November 13, 2004

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for coming out today for this racing wake in memory 
Jim Walker..... our friend, colleague, mentor, brother, husband and father.

To say the least, Jim’s passing last Monday has been a tremendous shock. We had 
attended the Derby Day Races during the Melbourne Cup carnival just two weeks ago 
and although Jim was feeling crook with what he thought was pneumonia, he still managed 
to have two thousand to win on Hollow Bullet at 7-1 before going back early to the hotel. 
He finished well in front, as usual, while Edwin and I got stuck in to the day's hot tips and 
got cleaned out.

Ever the judge of rising talent, Hollow Bullet went on to win the Oaks the following 
Thursday, Australia’s premier race for fillies.

Elaine felt that a racing related gathering with good friends from all phases of Jim’s life 
would be the most appropriate send off, and I. . . 

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Jeannie Chau
I find it really hard to believe that Jim has left us. I still remember when he came around my 
desk a few weeks ago asking me to book a private box for a race meeting at the Hong Kong 
Jockey Club as well as checking on the status of the Melbourne Cup bookings. I still 
remember him dropping by quietly looking for the International Herald Tribune. Now that he 
is gone but  his friendly smile will never disappear.

When I first joined the company, Jim was our Chairman based in Singapore. Not until I had 
met him in Hong Kong I was always confused with the two Jim Walkers in our company. I 
respected him and called him Mr. Walker.

Dear Elaine and Sophie, my sincere condolences and thoughts are with you. Jim will be 
missed by everyone at CLSA.


Alan Lister
About 3 times a year, the ex-HK Football Club - Hockey Section (usually known as the 
which is the name given to the touring sides) get together for drinks/curry in London. 
we heard the sad news of Jim's death, it seemed very appropriate to make the next get-
together on 25th November "Jim's Wake". While it is normally a stag do, as all of our ladies 
also knew Jim and Elaine, it seemed the natural thing to do to include wives/girlfriends. In 
total there were over 30 people for drinks and 18 went on for curry. Many reminiscences of 
the old times, a few words were said and there was a toast to Jim - all quite informal, in 
keeping with the man. It was also agreed that we wud get together next year on the 
Thursday just before the American Thanksgiving holiday, to celebrate Jim's life and toast his 
A number of pictures were taken on the 25th - see attached - and I was asked to email 
them to u by Hamish Calder. I don't know who the punters are in . . . 

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Karen,Anthony & Katherine Whitcroft
Dear Elaine & Sophie,

You both must be so proud to be the wife and daughter of Jim Walker.
Here is a mountain of a man in achievement, heart and soul.
We were not fortunate enough to know Jim as long as you both and many of his other 
friends and colleagues but every moment spent was entertaining, fun and enjoyable.
The stories, the wry smile, his use of the perfect phrase to describe an event or action made 
him so very special.
Nobody could help but admire and respect "Gentleman Jim Walker"
We would love to have one more glass of "Old Bastard Wine" with him.
He will be so sadly missed by all.
Our heart and feelings are always with you.
Jonathan Royce
I only truly met Jim whilst travelling on my gap year and was very kindly taken in for a couple 
of days in surfer's paradise. But in those days I saw all the great virtues that everyone has 
mentioned before me and can only envy those who have had the privelege to share parts of 
their lives with Jim. My deepest condolences go to Elaine and Sophie.
Michael Fernandez
Credit Lyonnais brought me into the business in the early 90's. Jim brought me and many 
others back into the business during the darkest days of the Asian crisis. Jim was truly one 
of the good guys in a brutal business, where few names stand out. It was such a shock to 
hear of his passing. One of the few in the industry who never lost sight of the true nature 
of the business, never failed to lend an ear or return a phone call. Unwavering in his vision - 
but above all a friend and a gentleman. Jim will be sorely missed by whoever he came in 
contact with. My deepst sympathy to Elaine & Sophie, your loss is immeasurable. Jim, you 
were and willl always be an inspiration to all those fortunate enough to know you.
Hamish Calder
I first met Jim whilst playing hockey for KCC.  As Roger Nissim has described him, he was a 
true gent, an HKFC centrehalf with effortless ability to move around and soak up the 
opposition.  Later, in 1988, I worked for Jim at CL Winfull Laing.  He was the boss, but with 
that wonderful, laid back bonhomie.  My most vivid image is on Jim's 40th birthday.  We 
trouped into the board room at the Bond Centre with drinks and  bits on the table.  The 
ladies who looked after the office admin were whispering and giggling away.  Jim was 
made to sit in a chair with a balloon in one hand and a beer in the other.  Raunchy music 
started blaring and a semiclad, exotic dancer with boa proceeded to dance closely around 
Jim.  It was absolutely hilarious in the incongruous setting of the office in daylight.  In fact it 
was really embarassing, but Jim took it in his stride.  He sat there with a fixed grin and 
calmly endured the event, but plainly relieved when it was over.  
Great to h. . . 

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The Hawkes Family.
Dear Elaine and Sophie,
We were all shocked to hear about your loss of Jim and send our sincere condolences. I 
understand what you are going through and I know the thoughts and support of family and 
friends is invaluable and I know you will have plenty of that. Jim was a great person, always 
the same and my kids have fond memories of their times at your place with you both. I went 
straight to a framed photo that you gave me of the two of you at a Hong Kong squash 
presentation with me back in the early 80s and the memories came flooding back.
Since I heard about Jim you have been on my mind Elaine but I know you are a strong 
person and with the support of Sophie and family you will find strength to cope well.
Sally, Bex, Steve and Jackie, with me send our love.
Julie Hawkes.
Mike Searl
Dear Elaine, Sophie and all Jim’s friends I am very sorry for your loss.

Jim Walker struck me on our first as a sincere and down to earth man. It did not matter who 
you were or what you did for a living. The fist time I went to a casino was with Jim, it was a 
‘private casino’ as one had not opened in Sydney at that stage – it was a very funny night. 
Of recent times I was fortunate to join Jim for a beers at the Forbes Hotel (in Sydney) the 
conversation was always entertaining. 

In my school days I came across a poem (not sure of the name) but it started of like this:
“A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds
And when the weeds begin to grow its like a garden full of snow” …

Jim was the complete opposite of this, he was a man of deeds and this made him very 
special indeed. Recently I came across another poem and this made me think of Jim and 
being a racing man Jim would also like the title. Jim you should be very proud of your ‘Dash’

THE D. . . 

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marianne page
I heard about this website from Andrew Riddick yesterday.Jim actually helped me start 
broking Sri Lanka when I was for a brief spell at CLSA in 1989.He visited Colombo with me in 
1989 and came to my parents home for a meal.Whenever he met me after that he never 
faied to inquire about my parents and my mother especially as she also loves to gamble.He 
also helped me start a broking relationship with CLSA in Sri Lanka after I left Lehmans in 
My prayers go out to his family.
Peter Wilms, The Australian
Laid-back character buoyed by broking

Peter Wilms, The Australian

Below was from the The Australian Newspaper.

November 24, 2004

James Walker
Journalist. Born Scotland, October 5, 1949.
Died Gold Coast, November 8, aged 55.

SOMETIMES we are fortunate enough to meet a character who can truly be described as 
larger than life. Someone who is impossible to forget. 

James Walker was one such character. I first met Jim when he was Melbourne business 
editor of The Australian. It was 1975 and he had been asked by national business editor 
Bryan Frith to run the paper's business bureau in Melbourne. 

At the time, I was director of public affairs for Massey Ferguson, the farm machinery 
manufacturer. Jim had written a story on the company that was unflattering and to which I 
took exception. I rang him and Jim listened attentively to my rambling critique of his story - 
one of his most endearing qualities was to listen carefully to anybody - and then he 
responded. . . 

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Helen Fallow (nee Sutherland)
Dear Elaine & Sophie,

I was very sad to hear the news about Jim and send you both my sincere condolences.  I 
will always be grateful to Jim for giving me my start in the finance business.  That was in 
1984 when he helped set up Crosby Securities in Hong Kong.  He was great fun, a great guy 
to learn from and I have many fond memories of those times.  Jim always had a smile on his 
face and was very supporitive to someone like me just starting out in the business and 
having a lot to learn.  He will be sorely missed.


Helen Mostoles
I still remember when Mr. and Mrs. Walker visited me in the hospital in 1997 when I was 
very ill.  When they came I was crying and in great pain.  Mrs. Walker came straight to my 
bed side and tried to comfort me, but Mr. Walker headed to the Nurse's station and looked 
for the doctor incharge, after he talked to the doctor he came to me and game me a pat on 
my shoulder and said "Helen don't worry, we will get you out of here".  That was a simple 
thing for them to do but it meant so much to me that every time I remember it now I can't 
help myself from crying.  Mr. Walker is a good man and a great employer, and now he is 
gone but his memory will always be with me.  I said a prayer specially for you Mr. Walker, 
wherever you are now may you rest in peace.

My sincere condolences to Mrs. Walker, Sophie and the rest of the family.

Helen Mostoles
previous helper in Hong Kong and Singapore
Sandra & Stephan Olajide
Dear Elaine,
our profound condolences can never reflect the sense of grief that comes with losing one so 
dear, such an itegral part of ones' life.  Our time spent with you and Jim were mere 
moments, but moments that were, and will remain joyful in our hearts and minds! Our 
thoughts and prayers are with you and dear Sophie as you find your way through this most 
difficult time.
With love, respect, and thoughts of peace,
Stephan & Sandra Olajide-Huesler

Sandra & Stephan Olajide
Dear Elaine,
our profound condolences can never reflect the sense of grief that comes with losing one so 
dear, such an itegral part of ones' life.  Our time spent with you and Jim were mere 
moments, but moments that were, and will remain joyful in our hearts and minds! Our 
thoughts and prayers are with you and dear Sophie as you find your way through this most 
difficult time.
With love, respect, and thoughts of peace,
Stephan & Sandra Olajide-Huesler

Alex Walker
As Jim's older brother, and only sibling, I confess to having betrayed our Scottish reputation 
for dour objectivity over the last few weeks since we became aware of the seriousness of 
his illness and then watched his decline and death.  I could not hold back the tears nor shift 
the lump in my throat long enough to say something at his wake.  And I confess to shedding 
even more tears as I have looked at the AussieJim website and read all the heartfelt 

Jim obviously had qualities in business life which were greatly valued by those who worked 
with him.  Yet he never boasted about his achievements to me.   His modesty would have 
received a taciturn nod of approval from the person he was most like; our late father.  From 
him Jimmy (as we all called him in his young days) inherited some physical characteristics, 
like the "distinguished" nose and ears, as well as a somewhat slow-moving, but considered 
and sensitive approach to life's challenges.  Although he n. . . 

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John Bai
Dear Elaine,

My deepest condolences to you, Sophie, Edwin and all other family members on the passing 
of an esteemed colleague, caring friend, and wonderful man.  Jim was an inspirational 
leader whom everyone loved and admired.  He was one of the few guys at CLSA whom I 
completely trusted and for whom I had the utmost respect.   He was always a man of 
integrity and a man of his word. 

I will personally miss joking around with Jim and talking about our times at CLSA.  I will 
never forget our very first pool match which lasted till 4 am at the University Club.  The 
evening started out with the entire NY sales team and ended up with just Jim and me 
playing billiards -- for lots of $$$, of course.  Like me, he loved a good bet and friendly 
competition.  I will not forget our last golf round together (where I managed to sneak some 
$$$ off him) nor the amazing time we shared, while gambling (what else?) at Gary’s 50th 
birthday celebration until 5am.  

I will miss. . . 

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Alan Railton
Dear Elaine
I was playing golf with Chris Brader when I heard the very sad news from Gary that Jim was 
very ill, and it was with disbelief that I then heard that he had passed away only hours 
later. I tried desparately to get a message to Jim through Gary on behalf of the PHADS to let 
Jim know that we were thinking of him. There are so many happy memories of Hockey tours 
to Australia, Canada, tours to Ireland and Scotland , too many parties at the Club 
to remember and your wonderful wedding party at the FCC.  I was honoured to play in Jim's 
50th golfing party at Fanling after not seeing him for so long.

 I shall always remember Jim coming to my aid on 2 occasions..once on a hockey tour when 
we were playing in a festival at St. Georges in Sydney.....In addition to the normal tour 
hangover I had a touch of flu and Jim got his Mum to make me a big pot of tea. I dont think 
anyone had ever seen me drinking tea on tour  before ! but Jim realized I was in bad . . . 

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Roy and Carol Ellyatt
We were very shocked
and saddened to hear
the news. Jim and
Elaine are part of
our happy memories
of our years in Hong
Kong and that Jim
was an exceptional
guy is born out by
the comments on this
All that I can add
is that they all
have to be true
since I bought a
second hand car from
Our thoughts are
very much with you
Elaine and with you
Steve Clayton
This is very tragic news. I worked with Jim at CLSA both in Hong Kong and Singapore. In the 
late 90's he initiated my recruitment at Nomura although, as nimble as ever, he managed to 
get me to work for him while I was on someone else's pay-roll! This, of course, was typical 
Jim. Jim always recognised my potential (shame Gary didn't feel the same way!!!). 

On a couple of occasions Jim and I worked on share placements for Malaysian corporates. 
Boy that was fun! He certainly knew how to deal with people at the sharper end of the 

My sincere condolences to Elaine and the family.  
The broking benchmark
A total of 1,750 investors representing 894 institutions with US$511 billion under 
management took part in Asiamoney's largest-ever Brokers Poll. And for the first time in the 
poll's fifteen-year history CLSA grabs the title of best overall equity brokerage house in Asia-

here to view Asiamoney Nov 2004 Jim Walker - Doyen of Asian stockbroking PDFClick here to view 
Asiamoney Nov 2004 Jim Walker - Doyen of Asian stockbroking PDF
Jeremy Smith
Nige and Elaine, we were all very saddened when I got the news last week about Jim. The 
time we spent with you all in Sydney in May was the just fantastic (despite the result and 
the constant ribing from Jim about the Poms!) Jims enthusiasm was infectious and although 
the number of times I have spent with Jim I can count on one hand, he is a man that leaves 
some outstanding memories. Our thoughts and love are with you all. Jeremy, Suzanne, 
Marcus, Luc and Tomas     
Jane Hugo
Dear Elaine and Sophie,
Our thoughts have been constantly with you over these past 2 weeks. 
I have been reading the heartfelt thoughts and memories posted on this site dedicated to 
Jim. All of them have been spot on, for he was indeed an exceptional man who crammed 
more into his 55 years than most people will do in a longer lifetime. In addition the way he 
lived his life, with humour, compassion and such a generous nature, no wonder so many 
people loved him. He was a truly wonderful man and an example to us all.

I think we have all been very fortunate to know him and I think although short, his life was 
a lucky one blessed with many good things. Nonetheless, this may not make the loss of him 
easier to bear, perhaps harder, and there will sad and empty times for all, but the fond 
memories will be numerous and will enrich our lives in the years to come.

Elaine-you too are an exceptional person, a strong character, a loyal friend and a most 
wonderful wife and moth. . . 

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Alan Powrie -HKFC -PHAD
Terribly sad to see the news and to read all the messages.I haven't been in touch with Jim 
for years but can vaguely remember spending an unplanned stopover in Hawaii in 1981 on 
the West Coast PHADS tour, as did 7 others.While one or two seemed concerned about 
what folks would say back in HK Jim just took it in his stride as a normal day to day 
occurence.A big loss.

Mark de Jager
Dear Elaine,
Chris Bonsall has just told me of the awful news of Jim's cancer and sudden passing away.
please accept my condolences and I will always cherish and remember our wonderful fun 
times we had  in Hong Kong. 
All my Love,
Roy Leighton
I was very sad to hear the news about Jim at yesterday's seminar in Paris.  I'm one of the 
few remaining people here from the original Alexanders Laing & Cruickshank who 
remember him from the late 80's when he was a great support to us.  We opened two 
offices in the Gulf - Kuwait and Abu Dhabi and Jim helped us get them off the ground.  
Monday morning in the Moslem week is, of course, Saturday, and, Jim selflessly put in his 
normal Monday-Friday week and then took a plane to join us for client visits all Saturday 
and all Sunday before returning to yet another Monday-Friday routine.

Such was his dedication to building CLSA with its very distinctive brand which shines 
through to this day with the rigorous independence of your research and the quality of the 
staff who represent the firm.

Jim would have been proud of yesterday's event in Paris which had big impact with the 
many clients attending and really put CLSA in the front of CALYON's showcase.

Please pass m. . . 

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julie"yaya" pancho
 jim is like a father to me working  with  them/him is no regret.I love them very much.He is 
my employer,my friend , they treat me as a member of their familyl, when i have a problem 
he always there to listened,i remember the last time i seen him he gave me a huge hug he 
and he said to me,"yaya this is my last day here in hongkong,take care yourself",when 
edwin call me up and spoke to sophie and they told me about jim,i was shock  could'nt 
believe and i was crying and i remember the last word he says to me.
  Elaine and my darling Sophie i love  you both and wherever jim is now we know that he is 
happy .Jim,elaine and sophie,thank you very much for being  my family.
Sue Thornley
I was shocked and extremely saddened to hear the news of Jim's untimely death and my 
thoughts and prayers are with Elaine and Sophie at this time.  My sincere condolences to 
you both.  Jim will be missed by everyone who knew him - he was a lovely man - a true 
gentleman, known and respected by many of us at Kowloon Cricket Club through our love 
of hockey.   We all have many happy memories of fun times at King's Park,  KCC and HKFC.
Elaine and Sophie - God bless you both.

Sue Thornley

Malcolm Surry
Almost twenty years ago I was having a shoe-shine in Hong Kong's Theatre Lane when I 
felt a tap on the shoulder. It was Jim Walker, just back from a broking stint in London.
"Are you feeling toey?" he asked, with that infectious grin. A month later I had quit my job 
and joined him at what became CLSA. A handshake from Jim and you could put it in the 
He broke his foot on the hockey field in the first few weeks. There was much hilarity 
accompanying him on his crutches as we made the rounds of bankers and fund managers. 
He was always cool under fire.
In all the years I knew Jim in Hong Kong I never heard him say an unkind word about 
anyone. I guess that was why he was so universally liked and respected.
Top journalist, gifted sportsman, fearless punter and above all a steadfast and good mate.
My deepest sympathies go to Elaine and Sophie in their loss.
They are weiged in Jim. Go to the pay window. You will never be forgotten by your 
hundreds of friends around the. . . 

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As with the others, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Jim’s death. I am one 
of the very few recruited by Jim in the first year of CLSA who still remains with CLSA.  I had 
not worked in the securities industry before I joined CLSA and he gave me the confidence 
and guidance at the time I most needed. It had been a pleasure working with him. He was a 
real gentleman who never raised his voice but still got things done, though at various 
occasions he did give us some headaches when he presented us with stacks of cash won 
from his gambling trips. After his retirement, every time when he was in the HK office, he 
would come round to say hello with a big smile and a warm hug.  

The last time I saw him was at the Elton John concert with Elaine, both looking very happy 
and contented.  It has been hard to accept that he is now gone and we will not be seeing 
him any more. We will all miss him dearly.

Elaine and Sophie,
I am sorry for your loss of Jim. It must . . . 

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Barbie Fotheringham
My dear Elaine and Sophie,
What an enormous shock I got when I heard your sad news.  My thoughts and prayers are 
with you both.  Perhaps the only thing I can say is that Jim was a wonderful man in every 
possible way and he has been recalled as his job here is done.  You are both left with 
fantastic memories and he will always be at your side guiding you both through the rest of 
your lives. Always remember him with a smile.
God Bless and much love to both of you

Derek and Mary Douglas
Dear Elaine

Paths may have crossed only briefly in recent years (Jim at Lords a few years ago) but the 
memories of happy times in Hong Hong, and further afield, remain very strong. Much has 
been said by others but perhaps I could just add a couple of my particular memories: Jim as 
the star performaer of PHADS stage productions, his unparalleled talent recognition in 
nominating myself as penalty corner striker in a match on tour in California to record my first 
ever (and, alas, only) hockey goal and golf with both of you at Discovery Bay.

A fine man, full of fun. Our thoughts are very much with you and Sophie.

With love from 
Derek and Mary Douglas
Fred & Marilyn Martin
Dear Elaine and
Marilyn and I were
deeply saddened to
hear of Jim's
untimely passing. 
We send our love to
you both.

Jim was such a
wonderful man in so
many ways ...
husband, father,
friend, golfer,
punter, etc., etc. 
We have such great
memories of the time
spent  with you! 
Sleeping in the
barn, listening to
the horses.  Golfing
with kangaroos. 
Walking on the beach
in La Jolla and the
evening BBQ's.  The
boat trip in Hong
Kong and golfing in
34 C with 94%
humidity (sorry we
collapsed).  We were
so grateful for the
wedding dinner in

We cherish those
memories and will
remember Jim fondly.
 AOur thought are
with you.

Fred and Marilyn.
Luiz Galvao , Sao Paulo - Brazil
The last time I spoke to Jim was just few weeks ago . I was planning to go to Australia to 
visit him. I can´t believe what happened . I can´t understand it either. I am very sad now.
Jim, I can listen the tone of your voice still. It was great to work with you. It was fantastic 
the time we spent on poker games in London or horse races in Hong Kong or Brazil.  I 
learned a lot from you.  I felt I had a friend in Australia who knew me deeply. I miss you . I 
will always remember you.   
All my thoughts to your family,

Frank O'Reilly
Dear Elaine,
We have just heard the terrible news of Jim's death. Please accept our heartfelt 
condolences. No words can adequately describe what a great person Jim was - he was 
simply a lovely guy. He will be greatly missed by everyone.
Frank and Carol   
Charlie D'Amore
We are very sorry that Jim has left us. We will miss him deeply. Our sincere sympathy to you 
Elaine and to all his family.

Charlie and Hazel D'Amore
Bob Jones
Dear Elaine and family,
Everybody had the greatest respect for Jim. No one disliked him. Jim was a gentleman, a 
succesful business man and a good gambler. We will all miss him.

Bob Jones.
Judith Ward & Mark Edwards
I am sure there have been many of us blessed to have known Jim, who have raised a glass 
to him (he would have wanted nothing less would he?)over these past few days. Our toast 
was simply," In memory of Jim,whose love of horses,good wine,cold beer and life made him 
such great company. Whose kindness,humour and thoughfulness made him such a good 
For Elaine and Sophie who must bear the tragic loss of such a special husband and 
wonderful father, please know that we are  thinking of you both, as well as of the good 
times we shared with Jim. 
As friends all we can do is offer our memories as words and pray that they and our love will 
give some small comfort over time.
To quote your good self Jim,"Thanks sport" -'for giving us the opportunity to get to know 
you and for leaving us with such great memories.'
dominic scriven
This is devastating news. Jim was an enormous joy to every room he entered. A man of 
great wit, professionalism and charm. I shall miss him sorely, this "godfather" to so many.

Elaine, Sophie, and Edwin, please know that the thoughts of many are with you.  
Teri Soh
Jim gave me my first job in the broking industry. He was an amazing person ~ successful, 
dynamic, yet was extremely kind, with great sense of humour and amazing calmness.  My 
fondest memory was when we had  farewell drinks for him, when he retired to go back to 
Oz. We made him get up on a stage to sing for us, he did so reluctantly but being a sport, 
he performed for us.  But he got his own back by subtly supplying us with endless amts of 
alcohol. Most of us barely dragged ourselves into work the next morning but we were 
extremely fragile and hungover while he rolled in with a huge grin that said "Got you! 
Serves u all  right for making me sing!"  He will be sorely missed. 
Elaine and Sophie, my deepest sympathies for yr loss. 
Emily-Jade O'Keeffe
To sum up how I feel about the Walker family in one message would not do them justice, so 
I fear I am about to write a novel .
Too often in life people move on without you getting the chance to express exactly how you 
feel about them  -  and the mark, big or small,  
they left on your life.

 I met the Walker family inadvertently through my best and beautiful friend Nicole who 
worked at the Grand Golf Course and would talk fondly of Jim and Elaine  (her two favourite 
members ) . She would often say, “Wait till you meet Elaine, Em, you’ll be just like her when 
you grow up!”  When I did meet Elaine, I found someone I could only hope to emulate. 
Elaine is as close to perfection as anyone I’ve ever met. Although only slightly older than I 
(!)  the generation gap was insignificant and soon I was a regular at the Walker residence.

 Enter Jim Walker, calm, wise, dry and warm, he didn’t seem to mind me running around 
Ocean Isles, although whenever I did walk through t. . . 

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Gai Waterhouse
Dear Elaine and Sophie
What great sadness you have experienced, your darling husband and Dad leaving your lives 
so suddenly. I so much enjoyed training Main Beach for Jim. He was a kind, quietly spoken 
gentleman who loved his horse racing with a passion. But it was obvious his greatest 
passion was his two leading ladies. I would love to see you both racing, we need you to fly 
the flag for Jim when his horses greet the judge.
My thoughts are with you both.
Gai Waterhouse

Nigel Lucas
The great thing about Jim was how he touched so many Peoples lives from so many 
divergent backgrounds. Jim was able to put any one at ease. He would be as comfortable 
with business leaders talking economics as he would be with his mates talking sport. 

Jim was always a great brother-in-law but developed into a golfing, drinking and gambling 

For a man who had lived such a diverse and interesting life his values were simple. He loved 
his Wife and Daughter, liked a beer or three, valued his mate’s friendship and loyalty, loved 
beating the Poms and would bet on anything. 

Jimmy, I will miss you buddy. 


Paul Evans
Where to start, what to say? Although we drifted apart over recent years, I shall always 
remember Jim as a good friend and I shall always think back to the many wonderful times I 
enjoyed in his and Elaine's company. If I had a dollar for every beer I have shared with Jim I 
would be a rich man. Certainly, I am richer for having known him.
To Elaine and family, my deepest condolences.

Andrew Riddick
I suppose someone should say it. If Gary has been the business driver of CLSA, Jim for 
many years was the people side. It was a balancing act and an important one. Such simple 
statements never tell the truth. Gary has been kinder to more people than anyone will ever 
know, while Jim was a lot smarter, harder, more astute and more critical to CLSA's success 
than is usually ever conceded. But the point is he was very so easy to like and love. Even 
when he seemed to be out having fun and you were stuck working in the office, it was all a 
matter of jealousy - that you could not join him. Especially, since he had always invited you.

Along with many, Jim was my first interview at CLSA. Like most who met him in such 
circumstances, I left wanting to join. The fact was that he could sell anything - and easiest 
of all was to sell a job at CLSA. I should also add that until just now (having read Slone), I 
also had no idea how indebted I am to him for having allowed me to stay!. . . 

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Oh Jim your passing has affected me. I never recovered from the loss of "big Dave" 
and now you have thrown this unexpected challenge to me. I will never be the same Ace.
I am so sorry not to have made the races on Saturday......I guess I was not strong enough.
One day, perhaps, I will be able to watch a horse race withoutn crying.....who knows??
I miss you already mate, you were a very very special friend.......Jarrrnnnie.  
I'am Sophie's friend Jacqueline. Whenever I went to see Sophie I remember that my mum 
and Jim would talk for AGES about horse racing and they would share tips with each other.
One weekend I went with Sophie and some other friends to Palmaday for that whole 
weekend I called Jim Dad and Elaine Mum. I will always remember Jim as being my dad.
P.S. Sophie & Elaine Rule!
Edwin Lucas
In lifes journey we occassionally, and only occassionally get to meet special people and for 
me, Jim will always be in this elite category. I was lucky to have had the chance these last 
few days to tell Aussie Jim what he meant to me. I told him of my belief that he was the 
best brother-in-law and friend I could ask for. I thanked him for being a wonderfull husband 
and father to Elaine and Sophie his two very very special ladies. Furthermore that he was 
an amazing personal mentor and that he had made me a better person. I meant all of it 
from the bottom of my heart.

A saint though Jim is not and nor would we want him to be! My favorite memories are 
distinctly naughty and these thoughts will be the most prominant when thinking of him. Jim 
was the first person to introduce me to gambling. We had many epic encounters which 
would drag into the wee small hours. Casinos or the track, queuing at the ATM for one last 
cash injection. Victory snatched from the jaws of defe. . . 

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David Cotterchio
Jim was simply the best of the best. He will be sadly missed, but the memories with Jim are 
vivid and will last forever. Jim has had a profound impact on my life and I will always be 
thankful I had the pleasure and opportunity to get to know such an amazing person. The 
memories, lessons, and wisdom that he imparted on me will continue to steady my hand.  
Jim was a big reason I came back into broking in 1998 with Nomura and much of the reason 
that I moved to CLSA last year. Jim was a huge mentor to me and the difference he made in 
my life was immense. Jim was in a special class of his own and being around him you got 
used to knowing that not only would everything you did with him be great fun, but that 
difficult situations would always work themselves way or another.  Jim knew how 
to make just about every moment an enjoyable one.  We will really, really, miss him. 
Ross George
From 4 years of age to 55, it did not seem like a long time, but apart from your brother Alex, 
I was your oldest ‘mate’. What makes it so hard to take is the fact that I had not seen you 
for over 20 years and just a few  weeks ago, Steve Gleeson was telling me how successful 
you had been, and thanks to the internet ‘Schoolfriends’ website, I was going to catch up 
over Xmas or New Year. To catch up at ‘your celebration of life’ is an honour I will never 
My Dad died 5 years ago at 82, and although I was sad at his passing, I was philosophical 
at the fact that ‘you are born, you live and you die’. He had a good life, was a good father 
and husband to my Mum. But I have trouble with fact that you are now gone.
It is easy to say how you were successful at making (and losing) millions, it is easy to say 
you knew Bill Clinton, it is easy to say you were successful at building up CLSA in different 
cities throughout Asia. These are all admirable things to have achieve. . . 

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Sandro D'Amore
No matter how hard I tried I couln't convince you to stop playing perfect pairs. I hope you 
are not playing them up there because you will not have anything left for me to rip off you 
when I get there.
Words can not express the saddness of our loss.

Sandro, Denise,Tony and Kate D'Amore

Charles Scott Plummer
A cliche, but true: the world is a lesser place without Jim.  For me it was the endless 
encouragement he gave to those younger and less worldly. Those steely eyes, a deep 
and 'bushmans' voice encouraging one to do things beyond one's ability not only at work , 
but on the golf course, in the bar and in life in general.  
Elaine and Sophie first, his friends and loved ones next....Jim seemed put others first. He is 
missed, very deeply.
All my thoughts to Elaine and Sophie. 
Steve Gleeson
Jim, I am constantly thinking of the many, many fun filled years we had growing up in the 
South Western suburbs of Sydney. From the night when we first met at Cubs to our 
schooling and cricketing days, learning how to drink, smoke and gamble. To our days at 
University, or should I say, the race track, the pool hall or just sitting and having a beer 
somwhere. They were times I will never forget.
You had a great ability to touch people in such an unassuming way, you have always been 
such a great friend to me, Robyn, Brett and Scott, we are all going to miss you terribly.
I am very greatfull to have been able to re-new our friendship over the past 15 or 20 years. 
We have enjoyed some fun times on the golf course, at your beautiful farm or just sitting 
around somewhere having a chat about anything or everything over a beer or a gless of red
I should have known something was wrong when I started beating you at golf and you 
started drifting out to those ridiculous handicap. . . 

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alan chen
Dear Sophie:

On the numerous times you visit this site through your life, always remember, as much as he 
loved mum Elaine, and horses, his face lit up the most when we talked about you.  How you 
were turning into a gutsy little skiier, ready to take on harder and harder runs, leaving the 
old man behind on the slopes, tired the next day.  How you were progressing trying on 
different things, painting, music.  How you were an 18 year old in a ten year old body - so 
mature, so sweet, so special to him.  By the time we were catching up on you, he'd have 
gone on so long his pint of Calsberg was finished, and then you'd show up with mum and 
he'd throw his big arm around you while you hugged him (careful not to show too much 
emotion), he was truly a massive man, and he was so very proud of you.   Never forget that, 
you were the most important thing, and you made him so happy.   And you owned him 
100%, daddy's little girl made his soul calm, peaceful and happy.  The pace,. . . 

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Geoff Smith
I was privileged to know Jim. Even after I'd convinced him to join my hockey club and play 
at a much lower standard than he was used to. he still said "Thanks". 

I'm in Veterans' game in Melbourne tonight; some of the other elderly in my team will 
remember him with affection. Win or lose tonight, the game's for you, Jim. Will have a 
couple of glasses of red and a seriously heat-affected sausage at it's end on your behalf.
Simon Hallett

Andrew Riddick gave me the dreadful news about Jim Walker and sent on your fine tribute 
to him. He will be sorely missed for all the reasons you express so well. I was never one of 
his inner circle, but we shared a number of good friends, so I knew him from before he 
joined Crosby back in the Middle Ages. After the rise to fame of your Austrian economist, 
that same group-the Football Club/hockey lot-decided to refer to him as 'Our Jim', so that 
there could be no mistake where our affections lay. Although I pretty much lost touch with 
him after the return to Oz, I always enjoyed catching up with him at the Forum, where, of 
course, he always had time for a chat.

A good man who led a good life. 

Jonathan Slone - message to Edwin Lucas
If you're not in the mood for a long and unfocused email, you might want to bin this one.  I 
think its going to be a rambling brain dump.  Spent a lot of time thinking about Jim this 
weekend and I re-told some of the funnier stories to Blumberg this morning.  A number of 
things that I just can't get out of my mind.

For me, the most enjoyable part about Jim was his absolute openness to people and 
experience.  Before he hired me, he took me to lunch and I remember doing most of the 
talking.  The one thing I can be sure of was that at this point in my life, I knew nothing.  Jim 
just had this way of making you feel important and interesting because he had this real 
interest in people.  Some years later I remember sitting in a meeting with the gang and 
discussing possibly letting someone go.  Jim was really firm that this person had abilities 
that we just were not seeing at the time.  That person was Riddick.  Jim just refused to look 
at all the bullshit and really un. . . 

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Kevin Tallentire
I was shocked and saddened to read about Jim's sudden passing away, I have many fond 
memories of jim from the old days at western suburbs hockey club, I'm sure he will be 
missed by numerous people. To Jim & family, Alex & family my condolences.

regards - Kevin Tallentire
Brian Nutt
Having known you for the past 13 years, I am all the better for it. You were a true 
gentleman, a great mate and like everyone else, I can't believe you are no longer with us to 
share a beer, watch the rugby, have a punt and enjoy Kerry O'keefe on the ABC cricket 
commentary. Mnay of my friends who got to know you over the years all made the 
comment "he made us feel so welcome whenever we were in his company". We have been 
fortunate to go racing together at many venues - Happy Valley, Shatin, Randwick, 
Flemington, Eagle Farm, your beloved Gold Coast and not to forget Royal Scone in May of 
this year. As a punter, no one could be so lucky - you were very astute and loved to 
back "the good horse resuming in a weak race". You used to say I was your good luck 
charm at the races because you won most of the times we went together - I was the lucky 
one. The world is a poorer place for your departure and we will all miss you mate.

Eric Solvet
"Bonjour Eric, comment ca va?" was the first thing Jim said to me when we first met in Hong 
Kong. Since this day, this is how we always greeted each other.

It is my privilege to have worked for him first at Nomura, then at CLSA. Jim was one of the 
most inspiring leaders I met during my career. Jim was also a mentor and a friend and he 
had a significant impact on my life. 

Men like Jim are rare. His sudden passing away is a great loss and Jim will be deeply missed 
by all of us.

There are no words, let's there be thoughts. 

Brad West
Jim was one of the people who brought me into broking (for there's still more credit than 
blame, I think), and certainly showed me the ropes a dozen years ago in Malaysia. Lai Fan 
and I always fondly recount our social gatherings with Elaine and him. Jim's great sense of 
humor, deep knowledge of broking and genial nature complemented the management team 

What a character! He will be missed.

PS Donald, does this mean that the MAS is going to burn the Keppel letters now?
In 1978, I was captain of the hockey section at the Hong Kong Football Club. It was my job 
to meet and greet new recruits. One day, I was contacted by a young, fresh faced chap from 
Oz. He told me he had recently jointed the SCMP as a hack and he claimed he played a bit of 
hockey. So, in the time-honoured way, we arranged to meet at 6 o'clock in the Club bar. 
However, from the outset there was concern about his match fitness and stamina. He 
retired hurt that night at 2am, mumbling something about a missed deadline! The rest, as 
they say......will always remain a rich part of PHADS folklore.
Elaine, please accept our deepest sympathy.
Deak & Mrs. Deak, Dublin.
Scott Perrin - Gold coast Born and Bred
Going to miss you and I at The Gold Coast Turf club on that table, you backing anything with 
two duck eggs next to it and or at better than 12-1 and me on all the favourites, then going 
home and always telling the girls we had just won !. Cheers mate, you will be missed.
Scott Perrin - Gold coast Born and Bred
Going to miss you and I at The Gold Coast Turf club on that table, you backing anything with 
two duck eggs next to it and or at better than 12-1 and me on all the favourites, then going 
home and always telling the girls we had just won !. Cheers mate, you will be missed.
Chris and Sue Bonsall
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

We just cannot believe it, having only spoken to you and Jim 2 weeks ago and arranged to 
see him and you when we get to Oz next month but we will obviously contact you then. We 
all loved Jim. He was quite simply one of the best and the only person, myself excepted, 
who attended my 30th, 40th and 50th birthday parties. What shall I do now! I am still quite 
numb with shock that I will not be able to have a game of golf with Jim, get smoke blown in 
my eyes and have a yarn about all those great times in HK when we all grew up. It seems 
only yesterday that Jim invited me to lunch at the FCC to tell me he had met the girl of his 
dreams. He had too and how he loved both Sophie and Elaine all the time and for ever. I 
shall never ever forget him as I regarded him as one of my closest friends. God rest his soul 
in that great race track in the sky. We are having a curry for Jim soon in UK and will drink a 
toast or six in his honour and memory for it . . . 

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Alistair Whyte
I first met Jim back in 1985 when he arranged to take myself and a colleague for lunch in 
Edinburgh.In those days Jim, was I think working with Crosby Secs.Jim was on a golfing trip 
to Scotland and had arranged a rather tight schedule and suggested we meet at Vito's, a 
well known Italian, at about 12:30.
As a "normal" young fund manager i.e. loaded with attitude and a grossly inflated view of 
one's self importance,I was becoming a "tad" agitated when at 1:30 Jim had still not 
By 2 o'clock the steam was coming out of the lugholes and the "red mist" was beginning to 
descend. At just after 2 o'clock Jim calmly sauntered into the restaurant,apologised briefly 
and then slowly deliberated over his choice of beer before ordering his meal.An hour and a 
half later we had had a truly terrific lunch, talking briefly about business and  joking about 
the shortcomings of the scots on the sporting arena.At 2 o'clock I had been all prepared to 
give this man "serious ver. . . 

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David and Lynn Royce
What can we say.  He was a dear and loyal friend, a true gent, a kindred spirit and 
someone whose friendship and love we valued greatly.  There are too many fantastic 
memories to leave here at the moment but they will be sent.  Our dearest love and support 
goes out to Elaine and Sophie.
David and Lynn xx
Richard & Angela Haw
Just a quick line to add our condolences to Elaine and Sophie.First memories of Jim are 
around the bar of the old HKFC, with us envying Jim his job at the SCMP which meant he 
missed Friday hockey training as he was finishing the next day's paper (or that's what he 
told us).He still turned up for the beers afterwards of course!Or again, Jim proudly escorting 
the HK PHADS around Australia on hockey tour, with promises of the best pies in the world 
from a shop in Kempsey (or was it Cessnock?)...anyway, it had turned into a Chinese whilst 
he was away.Or turning up for the inaugural drinks for Winfull Lang & Bang at the old Hilton, 
when he and GC opened up in HK. 'Too many brokers already', we said, 'but it's good to 
have Jim back'.There were too many brokers, but it was some of the others who didn't cut it.
...and with all that, Jim never changed.Through ups and downs (mostly ups), he was the 
same genial, relaxed figure.He was truly one of the good guys. 
Liane Dalby Life's not for long, it's for Living

I too like the rest of you are finding it hard to believe that the news is true.  I was very lucky 
to sepnd a night in the company of Jim, Elaine and Sophie on their farm in Queensland last 
December.  After a great day we were fortunate enough to take a piece of Jim with us by 
adopting a saying we  had  heard him quote and one we had not heard before  "Life's not 
for long, it's for living."  For the rest of our 1 month holiday travelling around Oz and even  
today we frequently refer to this saying as jim's quote.  I now realise the magnitude of such 
a quote and how precious life is.   Thankfully Jim was right out there doing the living.   I find 
great comfort knowing this and I am extremely grateful to have such a fond memory and 
quote to remind me of Jim.  He will be sadly missed by so many and my thoughts are with 
elaine, Sophie and family at such a difficult time.

Henry Thornton
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

I was greatly saddened to learn that Jim has passed away.  It is difficult to recall 
individual "highlights" simply because every meeting, drink or chat with Jim was a pleasure 
from start to finish.  A real gent who will be greatly missed by all who had the good fortune 
of his friendship.

Chris & Vicky Brader
I have many great memories of 'Jimbo'; I also have some good photos (which I will try to 
scan and send when I get home) from 1979/80/81 on hockey tours to Singapore/Australia 
and the famous 'Hawaii 8' tour to the West Coast of America when a small section of the 
team, including Walker, failed to meet the rigorous standards of behaviour required by 
Singapore Airlines (today we would be arrested!). The group of friends in Hong Kong in 
those years that were mainly from the hockey section of the HK Football Club have 
remained a close knit but geographically diverse unit with a few non hockey interlopers such 
as Coull and Burton. We may not see each other for years but such is the strength of that 
friendship that when we do meet we just pick up where we left off.

To lose such a friend is a great blow. To lose him at 55 years old is unfair and I am in tears 
as I write this as all the memories flood back. I can picture him in the bar of the'old' football 
club singing hi. . . 

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Shareen Hellen
I was so sad to hear that Jim is no longer with us.

It was a privilege to work for him and I am thankful for the opportunity to
have known him.

Jim, I will miss our tri nations wagers and taking your money off you. Love

Sam Ramsey
I remember meeting Jim for the first time in Aug 1998 in his Nomura office.  I was wearing t-
shirt, jeans and flip-flops and wondering whether I could bum a smoke from him as I 
noticed a pack of cigs on his desk. 
I asked and Jim charmingly put me at ease and said, "Sure and I''ll join you."
After having 2 smokes with him and a 40 minute chat I decided I could work for this man 
and made up my mind to join Nomura.

I got to know Jim pretty well over the ensuing months as we worked together in building 
up the Korean office.  I found out about his love of horses and how he viewed people 
through a breeder's eyes.  For example, he would knowingly chuckle about my "bloodlines" 
which are Scottish, German and Japanese and exclaim, "What a mix!"
Jim was a special man and had a gift of connecting with people no matter race, religion, sex 
or age.  He was all heart and soul and will be fondly remembered.

My condolences and deepest commiserations to Jim's family - Elaine and S. . . 

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Doug and Bridget Kingsman
"Gentleman Jim"!  
Indeed, Jim was a gentle man in the true sense of the word. 

I have had the priviledge of knowing and working with Jim and Elaine over the past few 
years on several of their homes and, in a moment of designer chaos....."Jim, what about 
your chair here?  Jim, what about that lamp there?  Jim, a staircase could work well 
here........?",  gentle Jim would just smile that wry smile we all know so well and say, "Well, 
what do you think? Just get on with it". The moment of panic simply slipped way because 
that is how he handled the situation. There was always a calmness about everything he 
touched, and all without complaint. Jim, we will miss all that, we really will.

To Elaine and dear Sophie, please accept our deepest sympathy. Words cannot express 
our feelings and sense of loss at this time for you both but one thing is certain, Jim is up 
there still thinking, "oh come on, you lot. Just get on with it!".

Doug and Bridget Kingsman 

Stephen McAlinden
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

I am so sorry to hear the news that Jim has passed away. Jim was one of the warmest, 
most easy going people I have ever met. He had a gift for friendship and was always full of 
advice and charm. When I first met Jim he was already a legend in the Asian broking world 
and it was easy to see why, his energy and enthusiasm for the business shone through and 
he effortlessly gained the loyalty of everyone who worked with him. Having seen Jim so 
recently in HK it's hard to believe he isn't with us anymore. Jim enjoyed life so much, we will 
always remember him.  Stephen and Brigitte.
Nels Friets
Like many of us CLSA alumni, part of Jim was always with the firm...his influence - both 
directly and indirectly - was evident...and his passing is therefore felt by all who have been 
adorned the blue and arrival to CLSA Singapore coincidentally coincided with his 
departure, my departure with his re-arrival...we joked about that...Jim leaves us with tons of 
memories, usually involving his easy going, joie de vivre spirit...prayers and thoughts are 
with Jim's family and friends....
John Flood
I had the pleasure of meeting Jim in Jan 2000 in the bar of the Island Shangri La Hotel (HK)
The trip was made at the behest of the Chinaman a.k.a. ( Ashley Chan ) to work for Jim in NY
at Nomura.  Two Hoyo de Monterrey ( dbl-coronas ) & a few snifter's of Martell Cordon Blue
the job was mine, what a wonderful afternoon.  Un-fortunately our association was a very 
short, within a year Jim, myself & the Chinaman a.k.a. ( Ashley Chan ) had moved on.
Jim was a wonderful man, a great broker, the new generation of "Brokers" could & should
take a page or two out of Jim's book, how to do it properly. My sympaties to his family.
James A Carstairs
Dear Elaine,

I was so sad to hear this trageic news! I bumped into Jim at the races recently and he 
seemed his same happy self. All I can say I know how you and ur family must be fealing as it 
happened to us with my  fathers death to cancer nearlly 2 years ago.

I wish you all the best!

The Carstairs Family

Angela Wurster-Philadelphia, USA
It's amazing how one can know another human being, only briefly, and be so inspired and 
motivated by who he was in this world. Jim Walker was truly a gentle man in all senses of 
the word. He was accomplished, fun, gracious, generous, and loving. He was a good man. 
His life served a purpose and he took his life on and played it full out. While his physicial life 
ended far before any one of us was ready for it to, a life far too short for such an incredible 
human being, his life had a presence that will carry on. What one of us doesn't aspire to 
have that kind of impact. Someone once said "I would rather have one minute of an 
extraordinary life than a lifetime of ordinary". Jim Walker had an extraordinary life. 

I will always be grateful to Jim Walker for welcoming my sister Beverly with open arms to the 
Lucas family. And, I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to meet him in 
Vancouver. I will always remember him fondly.

Jim- God Speed.

Elaine and. . . 

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Cherry Liu
Jim - i am so sad to hear of this news. I still can't believe it had happened.  Me and Elsa 
were talking about you only two weeks ago, we're both missing those heaps happy hours 
we've shared with you at Nomura. I was planning to bring David to visit you this x'mas time 
and have a round of golf plus few beers altogether. i was so looking forward to it....
Dear Elaine - I know 55 years is too short, but 'life well spent is long'.  Jim is a great person 
with a nice heart, we are proud of being his friends. He will always be missed and 
rememberd by me and so many of his friends all over the world. 

Jol Montague
Some of the greatest creations were first drawn on a napkin and in this case it was the 
creation of my friendship with Jim several years ago. At the local watering hole where a 
small CLSA gang would gather and I first got to know Jim it was determined my tab would 
be tracked and written down on a napkin as I was known for the cobwebs that had 
developed in my wallet when it came to claiming the tab. The napkin was to be kept and 
continually added to until we had enough to have a big lads dinner and evening and I could 
square my tab away in one hit. The day did come and we did have a great evening but I 
owe more than just a dinner and a few beers as Jim's advice and stories to me a relatively 
young lad are things I will keep forever.  Like all I can not believe he’s gone but I’m sure 
little bits of Jim and what he gave and shared with so many will live on.  My sympathies go 
out to all those who will miss him, particularly Elaine and Sophie. 
Edmund Bradley
Where to begin? 1992 I guess. That's when I first met Jim and Elaine in Singapore. I was 
there, courtesy of CLSA, interviewing for a job when I arrived at Jim and Elaine's house one 
evening for dinner ... flowers and all! I don't know if Jim wanted to give me a job, but I'm 
positive Elaine made sure he did. To both of you, thank you - a life-changer.

It's now 12 years later and I'm still with CLSA, but now no Jim. To think he was in HK just a 
couple of months ago, his usual happy-go-lucky self. Who would have thought we'd be 
writing these things two months later? Great sadness all round, particularly for you, Elaine, 
and Sophie. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.  Edmund and Vivien.
Colin and Tess Geddes
Dear Elaine,
We are very very sad to hear about Jim's passing away.   We embrace you across the miles 
and hope you feel our thoughts with you now.
We pray that you will have the strength to go through this difficult time.
The Geddes Family
Roger Ellis
Dear Elaine,I was so sad to hear to hear the news of Jim's passing.He will be sorely missed 
by many.Gentleman"Jim" was just that,whether in business or in sport.I shall remember well 
our JF/Nomura  saturday golf days followed by a long lunch in the Hk Club,or was it the 
other way round?
A good life and a good man.God Bless him,Roger.
Andrew Hartley
Sometimes life gives you a grey day – a colour neither black nor white. Grey days have no 
path or rules to follow – some people may find such days gloomy and tiresome, some may 
whinge and most complain. Then there are people who make it count – who thrive on grey 
days for they become a great canvass without borders. Such people seem to intuitively 
know how to colour the day the right way and for the right reason. To me, Jim was this 
person, not only would he find the paint, mix it up, he stretched the canvass (sometimes to 
extremes) – more importantly he refused to have borders. His leadership, encouragement, 
humour, belief and common sense are qualities that guided him to greatness. For some 
lucky enough to share this time learned things about life no other will know.

Today may look grey, but upstairs sure is not – Jim is no doubt starting something, 
somewhere – and he is going to make it “rock”.  I miss you Jim, I really miss you, it was a 
pleasure to know and . . . 

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John Latter- HKFC -Phad
Dear Elaine, I'm very saddened by Jim's sudden departure and am sure that all ex Phads will 
join me in offering you and Sophie our condolences. 
Geoff Simmons
Jim provided opportunities to many, me included.  It was always great to be with him.  After 
working with him in Asia I also retired to the Gold Coast and was able to spend time with 
him Elaine and Sophie.  We played golf, wined, dined and recalled CLSA memories over a 
few beers.  

Jim spread calmness in tense times and put fun into the challenges.  He had vision beyond 
others and more tolerance than any I have ever met.  We are going to miss you Jim.

Sincere condolences to Elaine, Sophie, Edwin, Nigel and all the other members of Jim’s family 
from Geoff, Jenny and Daniel Simmons.

John Gardner, Kowloon Cricket Club, Hockey Section
Jim will always be remembered by us as a very fine hockey player.  We at KCC who played 
against him enjoyed his no nonsense economical style of play and immaculate 
sportsmanship.  We raised a glass or three to his memory on Monday 8 Nov.  Deepest 
condolences to Elaine and Sophie.
SCMP - Hong Kong
Jim Russell Walker, founding chairman of Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia and former finance 
editor of the South China Morning Post, died yesterday in Australia after a short battle with 

Scottish by birth but raised in Australia, Walker arrived in Hong Kong in 1978 to take charge of finance reporting at the South China Morning Post after an eight-year career with News Limited.

Walker left an indelible mark as a Hong Kong financial journalist, combining insight with a knack for sniffing out stories.

In 1979, he chronicled Li Ka-shing's first steps toward Superman status, breaking the story of Cheung Kong's upstart acquisition of a 22 per cent stake in Hutchison Whampoa from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

Walker left the Post in 1983 to join Hong Leong Securities, and later to set up Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA).

An aficionado of sport and racing, he was a keen field hockey player and an even keener. . .

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Deidre Wilson
Although I have never met Elaine and Sophie I feel like I know them, I work with Emily and I 
speak to her everyday and over the past weeks we have been talking about this very 
special family, so although I have not  had the opportunity to met you and your family I feel 
like I just had to send a note and say how sorry I am about your loss and how special Jim 
must have been.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.  

Paul Bate - London
Jim - you gave me (and lots of others) a big break at Nomura. You made a real difference to 
my life and I thank you for that. You will be missed and remembered with affection. 
Elaine & Sophie - Jim had a big heart and a mischievous smile. He looked in great shape and 
on good form at the Hong Kong forum, which makes the news such a shock. Deepest 
sympathies.  Paul
Phil Alder - Gold Coast
Dear Elaine & Sophie - I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Jim.  My love and 
thoughts are with you both. I will think of Jim when I have a good red.  Keep your faces to 
the sunshine.  Love Phil.
Robert Kennedy
It is with great pleasure that I remember meeting Jim Walker for the first time in 1976.  I 
was a callow youth of 17 and the cadet journalist attached to the financial section of the 
Melbourne office of The Australian newspaper.  Jim had been seconded, in a moment of 
crisis, from the paper's Sydney headquarters to restore coverage from the nation's then 
financial capital.  The finance desk had been thrown into chaos by the sudden resignation of 
the previous incumbent, J.T.T. McCausland, a New York-born son of a firefighter who 
portended that the success of his film screenplay, entitled "Mad Max", would mean that he 
would never have to set foot in The Australian office or the local watering hole, The Celtic 
Club (aka the Green Death), ever again.  Not a bad call as it turned out.  To say that Jim was 
less than enthused about Bryan Frith's decision to post him to the "Athens of the South" 
(Jim preferred the epithet "Mexico") as JTT's replacement would be somewhat of a. . . 

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Frederic Melul - Calyon UK
I have heard the news and read your article in the Morning Line. It is a shock, it is very sad. 
And it makes us think. I never met Jim's wife or daughter but  I imagine and share their 
pain.  The Jim I had the chance to meet was great and I will always remember my "debut" in 
Secretariat General when I discussed with him the " Vietnam fund" he wanted to launch.... 
So long ago.
Gary Coull - CLSA
It is with huge sadness that we announce the death of CLSA's founding chairman Jim 
Walker, who passed away early this morning after a brief illness. Jim died on the Australian 
Gold Coast, his loving family close at hand, as well as an up-to-date horse form guide and 
the winnings from our recent successful punting trip to the Melbourne Cup. Jim arrived in 
Melbourne to meet Edwin Lucas - CLSA's head of broking and Jim's brother-in-law - and 
myself for our annual golfing, gambling and racing week. He had been suffering from flu-like 
symptoms but was determined to see the week through. He managed a good night at the 
blackjack table and a great day at the races before returning home to the Gold Coast and 
going into hospital. A week later he passed away, survived by his lovely wife Elaine, herself 
well known to many CLSA clients, and his 11-year-old daughter Sophie - a most remarkable 
young girl and a gifted artist whose paintings so inspired her dad in his final days. Ji. . . 

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