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alan chen
Dear Sophie:

On the numerous times you visit this site through your life, always remember, as much as he 
loved mum Elaine, and horses, his face lit up the most when we talked about you.  How you 
were turning into a gutsy little skiier, ready to take on harder and harder runs, leaving the 
old man behind on the slopes, tired the next day.  How you were progressing trying on 
different things, painting, music.  How you were an 18 year old in a ten year old body - so 
mature, so sweet, so special to him.  By the time we were catching up on you, he'd have 
gone on so long his pint of Calsberg was finished, and then you'd show up with mum and 
he'd throw his big arm around you while you hugged him (careful not to show too much 
emotion), he was truly a massive man, and he was so very proud of you.   Never forget that, 
you were the most important thing, and you made him so happy.   And you owned him 
100%, daddy's little girl made his soul calm, peaceful and happy.  The pace,. . . 

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Geoff Smith
I was privileged to know Jim. Even after I'd convinced him to join my hockey club and play 
at a much lower standard than he was used to. he still said "Thanks". 

I'm in Veterans' game in Melbourne tonight; some of the other elderly in my team will 
remember him with affection. Win or lose tonight, the game's for you, Jim. Will have a 
couple of glasses of red and a seriously heat-affected sausage at it's end on your behalf.
Simon Hallett

Andrew Riddick gave me the dreadful news about Jim Walker and sent on your fine tribute 
to him. He will be sorely missed for all the reasons you express so well. I was never one of 
his inner circle, but we shared a number of good friends, so I knew him from before he 
joined Crosby back in the Middle Ages. After the rise to fame of your Austrian economist, 
that same group-the Football Club/hockey lot-decided to refer to him as 'Our Jim', so that 
there could be no mistake where our affections lay. Although I pretty much lost touch with 
him after the return to Oz, I always enjoyed catching up with him at the Forum, where, of 
course, he always had time for a chat.

A good man who led a good life. 

Jonathan Slone - message to Edwin Lucas
If you're not in the mood for a long and unfocused email, you might want to bin this one.  I 
think its going to be a rambling brain dump.  Spent a lot of time thinking about Jim this 
weekend and I re-told some of the funnier stories to Blumberg this morning.  A number of 
things that I just can't get out of my mind.

For me, the most enjoyable part about Jim was his absolute openness to people and 
experience.  Before he hired me, he took me to lunch and I remember doing most of the 
talking.  The one thing I can be sure of was that at this point in my life, I knew nothing.  Jim 
just had this way of making you feel important and interesting because he had this real 
interest in people.  Some years later I remember sitting in a meeting with the gang and 
discussing possibly letting someone go.  Jim was really firm that this person had abilities 
that we just were not seeing at the time.  That person was Riddick.  Jim just refused to look 
at all the bullshit and really un. . . 

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Kevin Tallentire
I was shocked and saddened to read about Jim's sudden passing away, I have many fond 
memories of jim from the old days at western suburbs hockey club, I'm sure he will be 
missed by numerous people. To Jim & family, Alex & family my condolences.

regards - Kevin Tallentire
Brian Nutt
Having known you for the past 13 years, I am all the better for it. You were a true 
gentleman, a great mate and like everyone else, I can't believe you are no longer with us to 
share a beer, watch the rugby, have a punt and enjoy Kerry O'keefe on the ABC cricket 
commentary. Mnay of my friends who got to know you over the years all made the 
comment "he made us feel so welcome whenever we were in his company". We have been 
fortunate to go racing together at many venues - Happy Valley, Shatin, Randwick, 
Flemington, Eagle Farm, your beloved Gold Coast and not to forget Royal Scone in May of 
this year. As a punter, no one could be so lucky - you were very astute and loved to 
back "the good horse resuming in a weak race". You used to say I was your good luck 
charm at the races because you won most of the times we went together - I was the lucky 
one. The world is a poorer place for your departure and we will all miss you mate.

Eric Solvet
"Bonjour Eric, comment ca va?" was the first thing Jim said to me when we first met in Hong 
Kong. Since this day, this is how we always greeted each other.

It is my privilege to have worked for him first at Nomura, then at CLSA. Jim was one of the 
most inspiring leaders I met during my career. Jim was also a mentor and a friend and he 
had a significant impact on my life. 

Men like Jim are rare. His sudden passing away is a great loss and Jim will be deeply missed 
by all of us.

There are no words, let's there be thoughts. 

Brad West
Jim was one of the people who brought me into broking (for there's still more credit than 
blame, I think), and certainly showed me the ropes a dozen years ago in Malaysia. Lai Fan 
and I always fondly recount our social gatherings with Elaine and him. Jim's great sense of 
humor, deep knowledge of broking and genial nature complemented the management team 

What a character! He will be missed.

PS Donald, does this mean that the MAS is going to burn the Keppel letters now?
In 1978, I was captain of the hockey section at the Hong Kong Football Club. It was my job 
to meet and greet new recruits. One day, I was contacted by a young, fresh faced chap from 
Oz. He told me he had recently jointed the SCMP as a hack and he claimed he played a bit of 
hockey. So, in the time-honoured way, we arranged to meet at 6 o'clock in the Club bar. 
However, from the outset there was concern about his match fitness and stamina. He 
retired hurt that night at 2am, mumbling something about a missed deadline! The rest, as 
they say......will always remain a rich part of PHADS folklore.
Elaine, please accept our deepest sympathy.
Deak & Mrs. Deak, Dublin.
Scott Perrin - Gold coast Born and Bred
Going to miss you and I at The Gold Coast Turf club on that table, you backing anything with 
two duck eggs next to it and or at better than 12-1 and me on all the favourites, then going 
home and always telling the girls we had just won !. Cheers mate, you will be missed.
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