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Roy Leighton
I was very sad to hear the news about Jim at yesterday's seminar in Paris.  I'm one of the 
few remaining people here from the original Alexanders Laing & Cruickshank who 
remember him from the late 80's when he was a great support to us.  We opened two 
offices in the Gulf - Kuwait and Abu Dhabi and Jim helped us get them off the ground.  
Monday morning in the Moslem week is, of course, Saturday, and, Jim selflessly put in his 
normal Monday-Friday week and then took a plane to join us for client visits all Saturday 
and all Sunday before returning to yet another Monday-Friday routine.

Such was his dedication to building CLSA with its very distinctive brand which shines 
through to this day with the rigorous independence of your research and the quality of the 
staff who represent the firm.

Jim would have been proud of yesterday's event in Paris which had big impact with the 
many clients attending and really put CLSA in the front of CALYON's showcase.

Please pass m. . . 

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julie"yaya" pancho
 jim is like a father to me working  with  them/him is no regret.I love them very much.He is 
my employer,my friend , they treat me as a member of their familyl, when i have a problem 
he always there to listened,i remember the last time i seen him he gave me a huge hug he 
and he said to me,"yaya this is my last day here in hongkong,take care yourself",when 
edwin call me up and spoke to sophie and they told me about jim,i was shock  could'nt 
believe and i was crying and i remember the last word he says to me.
  Elaine and my darling Sophie i love  you both and wherever jim is now we know that he is 
happy .Jim,elaine and sophie,thank you very much for being  my family.
Sue Thornley
I was shocked and extremely saddened to hear the news of Jim's untimely death and my 
thoughts and prayers are with Elaine and Sophie at this time.  My sincere condolences to 
you both.  Jim will be missed by everyone who knew him - he was a lovely man - a true 
gentleman, known and respected by many of us at Kowloon Cricket Club through our love 
of hockey.   We all have many happy memories of fun times at King's Park,  KCC and HKFC.
Elaine and Sophie - God bless you both.

Sue Thornley

Malcolm Surry
Almost twenty years ago I was having a shoe-shine in Hong Kong's Theatre Lane when I 
felt a tap on the shoulder. It was Jim Walker, just back from a broking stint in London.
"Are you feeling toey?" he asked, with that infectious grin. A month later I had quit my job 
and joined him at what became CLSA. A handshake from Jim and you could put it in the 
He broke his foot on the hockey field in the first few weeks. There was much hilarity 
accompanying him on his crutches as we made the rounds of bankers and fund managers. 
He was always cool under fire.
In all the years I knew Jim in Hong Kong I never heard him say an unkind word about 
anyone. I guess that was why he was so universally liked and respected.
Top journalist, gifted sportsman, fearless punter and above all a steadfast and good mate.
My deepest sympathies go to Elaine and Sophie in their loss.
They are weiged in Jim. Go to the pay window. You will never be forgotten by your 
hundreds of friends around the. . . 

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As with the others, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Jim’s death. I am one 
of the very few recruited by Jim in the first year of CLSA who still remains with CLSA.  I had 
not worked in the securities industry before I joined CLSA and he gave me the confidence 
and guidance at the time I most needed. It had been a pleasure working with him. He was a 
real gentleman who never raised his voice but still got things done, though at various 
occasions he did give us some headaches when he presented us with stacks of cash won 
from his gambling trips. After his retirement, every time when he was in the HK office, he 
would come round to say hello with a big smile and a warm hug.  

The last time I saw him was at the Elton John concert with Elaine, both looking very happy 
and contented.  It has been hard to accept that he is now gone and we will not be seeing 
him any more. We will all miss him dearly.

Elaine and Sophie,
I am sorry for your loss of Jim. It must . . . 

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Barbie Fotheringham
My dear Elaine and Sophie,
What an enormous shock I got when I heard your sad news.  My thoughts and prayers are 
with you both.  Perhaps the only thing I can say is that Jim was a wonderful man in every 
possible way and he has been recalled as his job here is done.  You are both left with 
fantastic memories and he will always be at your side guiding you both through the rest of 
your lives. Always remember him with a smile.
God Bless and much love to both of you

Derek and Mary Douglas
Dear Elaine

Paths may have crossed only briefly in recent years (Jim at Lords a few years ago) but the 
memories of happy times in Hong Hong, and further afield, remain very strong. Much has 
been said by others but perhaps I could just add a couple of my particular memories: Jim as 
the star performaer of PHADS stage productions, his unparalleled talent recognition in 
nominating myself as penalty corner striker in a match on tour in California to record my first 
ever (and, alas, only) hockey goal and golf with both of you at Discovery Bay.

A fine man, full of fun. Our thoughts are very much with you and Sophie.

With love from 
Derek and Mary Douglas
Fred & Marilyn Martin
Dear Elaine and
Marilyn and I were
deeply saddened to
hear of Jim's
untimely passing. 
We send our love to
you both.

Jim was such a
wonderful man in so
many ways ...
husband, father,
friend, golfer,
punter, etc., etc. 
We have such great
memories of the time
spent  with you! 
Sleeping in the
barn, listening to
the horses.  Golfing
with kangaroos. 
Walking on the beach
in La Jolla and the
evening BBQ's.  The
boat trip in Hong
Kong and golfing in
34 C with 94%
humidity (sorry we
collapsed).  We were
so grateful for the
wedding dinner in

We cherish those
memories and will
remember Jim fondly.
 AOur thought are
with you.

Fred and Marilyn.
Luiz Galvao , Sao Paulo - Brazil
The last time I spoke to Jim was just few weeks ago . I was planning to go to Australia to 
visit him. I can´t believe what happened . I can´t understand it either. I am very sad now.
Jim, I can listen the tone of your voice still. It was great to work with you. It was fantastic 
the time we spent on poker games in London or horse races in Hong Kong or Brazil.  I 
learned a lot from you.  I felt I had a friend in Australia who knew me deeply. I miss you . I 
will always remember you.   
All my thoughts to your family,

Frank O'Reilly
Dear Elaine,
We have just heard the terrible news of Jim's death. Please accept our heartfelt 
condolences. No words can adequately describe what a great person Jim was - he was 
simply a lovely guy. He will be greatly missed by everyone.
Frank and Carol   
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