Andy & Jan Homden
05-Jan-2005 13:14

Dear Elaine & Sophie, 
                                  Two or three years ago, Jan & I were wandering the streets of HK (as 
you do) on our most recent visit. We were  'between shops' in the general vicinity of 
Wyndham Street, somewhere off on a side street. As has happened before, I was 
tiring . . . . 

Somewhere from the crowd behind emerged that familiar voice of gravel at some volume -
 'Hey Homden, what are you doing here??' The faint hope of a cooling beer crossed my 
mind. It was none other than your man, who emerged from the  middle distance and 
hastened to catch us up. It must have been a good few years since we had met up - 
possibly as long ago as 1988,  but the conversation flowed and we were able to update 
each other on what had happened since! It was good just to chat. 

The next appoinments called, and we went our ways. It's just a little cameo image of Jim - 
one of several - that came straight to my mind when I learned of your sad news. Another 
was a half time piece of advice he gave as we were struggling in a game against Nav 
Bharat. It  has always been with me. 'Andy - I think you're making it a bit too complicated. 
Shall we just keep it simple?' We still lost - but it was good advice!

Thanks, Jim. When my theorising gets a bit out of hand, I try to go back to basics!

Elaine & Sophie, our love to you both, 

Andy & Jan, Istanbul, Turkey