Elaine Walker
16-Jan-2005 20:09

Friends – where would I be without you

First, let me say some special thankyous: Gary (what more can I say – you're the best); 
Edwin (you are the very best, brother); CLSA and in particular Angelique - Jim always felt 
you did such a wonderful job and tonight is no exception – thankyou.
Also to my three wonderful speechwriters Alice, Bobbie and Heather.
And, of course, a big thankyou to you lot.

People talk about the circles of life - 22 years ago today Jim and I were married in St John’s 
Cathedral and held our wedding reception here at the FCC. Many of you here tonight were 
there as well.

We now talk of "partners" and Jim was definitely the managing director of our relationship. 
In the words of an 11 year old, "Thirty-two sleeps later, we still miss him very much."
How true the saying about time flying and in my moments of grief, I wish I had smelt more 
roses, seen more sunrises and hadn't nagged so much - or maybe nagged even more!
Jim and I fulfilled many of our dreams, except for me – more time; and perhaps, for Jim, a 
Melbourne Cup winner.

One of our greatest joys is Sophie who gave her Dad so much right to the very end and has 
been a constant "little miracle worker" to me through this ordeal. How lucky are we, our 
little Angel Princess.

Grief is a sign that we love someone more than ourselves – how very true, but in the words 
of a very dear old friend, "Time doesn't heal but the love of friends does."
Thank you all. 

Helen Keller said "the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even 
touched, they must be felt with the heart." Didn't  Jim do this for each and every one of you 

Hong Kong was a huge part of our lives and so many places hold wonderful memories. So 
boys, go to the Wanch, Club 88 and have a couple of beers for Jim - and one for Dori too!
You are simply the best.