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Alex Walker
As Jim's older brother, and only sibling, I confess to having betrayed our Scottish reputation 
for dour objectivity over the last few weeks since we became aware of the seriousness of 
his illness and then watched his decline and death.  I could not hold back the tears nor shift 
the lump in my throat long enough to say something at his wake.  And I confess to shedding 
even more tears as I have looked at the AussieJim website and read all the heartfelt 

Jim obviously had qualities in business life which were greatly valued by those who worked 
with him.  Yet he never boasted about his achievements to me.   His modesty would have 
received a taciturn nod of approval from the person he was most like; our late father.  From 
him Jimmy (as we all called him in his young days) inherited some physical characteristics, 
like the "distinguished" nose and ears, as well as a somewhat slow-moving, but considered 
and sensitive approach to life's challenges.  Although he n. . . 

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John Bai
Dear Elaine,

My deepest condolences to you, Sophie, Edwin and all other family members on the passing 
of an esteemed colleague, caring friend, and wonderful man.  Jim was an inspirational 
leader whom everyone loved and admired.  He was one of the few guys at CLSA whom I 
completely trusted and for whom I had the utmost respect.   He was always a man of 
integrity and a man of his word. 

I will personally miss joking around with Jim and talking about our times at CLSA.  I will 
never forget our very first pool match which lasted till 4 am at the University Club.  The 
evening started out with the entire NY sales team and ended up with just Jim and me 
playing billiards -- for lots of $$$, of course.  Like me, he loved a good bet and friendly 
competition.  I will not forget our last golf round together (where I managed to sneak some 
$$$ off him) nor the amazing time we shared, while gambling (what else?) at Gary’s 50th 
birthday celebration until 5am.  

I will miss. . . 

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Alan Railton
Dear Elaine
I was playing golf with Chris Brader when I heard the very sad news from Gary that Jim was 
very ill, and it was with disbelief that I then heard that he had passed away only hours 
later. I tried desparately to get a message to Jim through Gary on behalf of the PHADS to let 
Jim know that we were thinking of him. There are so many happy memories of Hockey tours 
to Australia, Canada, tours to Ireland and Scotland , too many parties at the Club 
to remember and your wonderful wedding party at the FCC.  I was honoured to play in Jim's 
50th golfing party at Fanling after not seeing him for so long.

 I shall always remember Jim coming to my aid on 2 occasions..once on a hockey tour when 
we were playing in a festival at St. Georges in Sydney.....In addition to the normal tour 
hangover I had a touch of flu and Jim got his Mum to make me a big pot of tea. I dont think 
anyone had ever seen me drinking tea on tour  before ! but Jim realized I was in bad . . . 

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Roy and Carol Ellyatt
We were very shocked
and saddened to hear
the news. Jim and
Elaine are part of
our happy memories
of our years in Hong
Kong and that Jim
was an exceptional
guy is born out by
the comments on this
All that I can add
is that they all
have to be true
since I bought a
second hand car from
Our thoughts are
very much with you
Elaine and with you
Steve Clayton
This is very tragic news. I worked with Jim at CLSA both in Hong Kong and Singapore. In the 
late 90's he initiated my recruitment at Nomura although, as nimble as ever, he managed to 
get me to work for him while I was on someone else's pay-roll! This, of course, was typical 
Jim. Jim always recognised my potential (shame Gary didn't feel the same way!!!). 

On a couple of occasions Jim and I worked on share placements for Malaysian corporates. 
Boy that was fun! He certainly knew how to deal with people at the sharper end of the 

My sincere condolences to Elaine and the family.  
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Jeremy Smith
Nige and Elaine, we were all very saddened when I got the news last week about Jim. The 
time we spent with you all in Sydney in May was the just fantastic (despite the result and 
the constant ribing from Jim about the Poms!) Jims enthusiasm was infectious and although 
the number of times I have spent with Jim I can count on one hand, he is a man that leaves 
some outstanding memories. Our thoughts and love are with you all. Jeremy, Suzanne, 
Marcus, Luc and Tomas     
Jane Hugo
Dear Elaine and Sophie,
Our thoughts have been constantly with you over these past 2 weeks. 
I have been reading the heartfelt thoughts and memories posted on this site dedicated to 
Jim. All of them have been spot on, for he was indeed an exceptional man who crammed 
more into his 55 years than most people will do in a longer lifetime. In addition the way he 
lived his life, with humour, compassion and such a generous nature, no wonder so many 
people loved him. He was a truly wonderful man and an example to us all.

I think we have all been very fortunate to know him and I think although short, his life was 
a lucky one blessed with many good things. Nonetheless, this may not make the loss of him 
easier to bear, perhaps harder, and there will sad and empty times for all, but the fond 
memories will be numerous and will enrich our lives in the years to come.

Elaine-you too are an exceptional person, a strong character, a loyal friend and a most 
wonderful wife and moth. . . 

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Alan Powrie -HKFC -PHAD
Terribly sad to see the news and to read all the messages.I haven't been in touch with Jim 
for years but can vaguely remember spending an unplanned stopover in Hawaii in 1981 on 
the West Coast PHADS tour, as did 7 others.While one or two seemed concerned about 
what folks would say back in HK Jim just took it in his stride as a normal day to day 
occurence.A big loss.

Mark de Jager
Dear Elaine,
Chris Bonsall has just told me of the awful news of Jim's cancer and sudden passing away.
please accept my condolences and I will always cherish and remember our wonderful fun 
times we had  in Hong Kong. 
All my Love,
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