Elaine Walker
16-Jan-2005 20:11

We have just arrived in Sydney after a “long journey” which included our move from the 
Gold Coast, a trip to Hong Kong, the exploration of Cambodia and Myanmar, and skiing in 

The memorial soiree at the FCC in Hong Kong was simply magnificent (I've attached the 
speech) and we can never thank you enough – Angelique, Gary, Edwin – and all 
of you 
being there.

The next day we flew to Siem Reap and followed in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, Tomb 
Raider. As we discovered the magnificent ruins of Angkor, the parallels with Angelina were 
undeniable - she has a great body, a gorgeous child and an interesting life . . .
A sad note, however, was the plight of the land mine victims who appear to be increasingly 

On to Myanmar, where we stayed in the colonial opulence of the Strand Hotel in Yangon, 
marvelled at the temples of Pagan from hot-air balloons and reflected on life as our 
luxurious ship chugged up the Irrawaddy on the road to Mandalay. Later, we moved on to 
Inle Lake which was straight from the pages of National Geographic.

 Harald and Sharlene organised this first class journey which helped us discover the 
mystique and beauty of this ancient country before the weight of tourism exacts its 
inevitable toll.

We spent Christmas in Hong Kong – a warm, yet poignant time - then defied world time 
zones to have another Christmas in Vancouver. Santa was truly amazing in both cities and 
wherever we went - we have never seen so many presents in our joint lives and can’t 
all of you enough.

The call of the ski fields was strong and we spent the next two weeks at Whistler, our own 
little piece of heaven.

Now we're in our new home in Sydney working on the next phase of our lives and  
preparing for Sophie to start at her new school, Ascham.

Just yesterday we were walking to explore the coffee shops of Woollahra with Macka (my 
ghost writer) and Sophie noticed that the TAB (betting shop) next to the pub had closed 
down. It made me realise that even through all the excitement of travel (which Jim would 
have hated because he would have missed his Saturday racing) that there’s still a huge 
hole. We miss him.

When I was wondering aloud recently whether I would ever be normal again, someone 
replied, "Well, you never were." But without all your love and support where would I be 
today. Thankyou.