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Harald Ludwig
oh jim , how you will be missed by all.  you have touched so many of us in your life, spirit 
and quiet competitive ways.  your every breath, your laughter, your kindness and your 
sharp wit set you apart.  the testimony is the legacy you leave with those whose lives you 
have changed, inspired and fulfilled.  the calm demeanour accompanied by your clever grin 
and sparkling but sometimes naughty eyes have led us all astray from time to time but only 
to better us all.   the impact on your colleagues, your friends, your business associates and 
those you love most, elaime and sophie, will always be remembered with fondness and 
deep gratitude.   you love to listen, to engage in an intellectual conversation , provide your 
opinion and provocative remarks only to later disarm all unsuspecting souls with your witty
rebutals that reflected on the rogue within.  a pint or two etc. was a motto for you but 
friendship was always the necessary ingredient and you will be missed with a. . . 

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Mike & Nana Lamont
Dear Elaine and Sophie
Our heartfelt condolences.  Jim will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.   Our 
thoughts are with you both and we hope to catch up with you in Hong Kong.
Leaper and Nana
Donald & Kathie Skinner
Dear Elaine & Sophie
Kathie's and my thoughts have been with you in the last few weeks.  We were very 
saddened to hear of Jim's death.

Jim was in effect our match-maker.  Having dragged me out of London "for at least 2 years" 
in 1987, I met Kathie on day one of my seventeen years in Asia.  Kathie was Jim's PA.  
Moving from HK to Singapore in 1991 to get married, I again found Jim as my boss there.  He 
was always there for personal advice, a round of golf and a helping hand. On coming back 
to HK in 1999 it was not long before Jim was providing advice, humour, beer and a guiding 
hand in CLSA once again.   In all that time I rarely saw Jim lose his cool or say an unkind 
word about any one.  He held his council close and was an example for anyone in dealing 
with people from all sides of the business.   We shall miss his insights into people, the 
business and his great generosity.

Donald & Kathie
Roger Nissim
I have played against Jim many times and he was one of those rare species 'an Australian 
Gentleman' he was also a gentle man, intelligent, quietly spoken but with a twinkle in his 
eye, great sense of humour, who loved a beer after the game. As a player he was gifted 
with great positional sense, always seeming to be in the right place at the right time. He 
played the game in a deceptively simple way, as all good players do making it look easy 
when lesser players like myself struggled (and failed) to play at his level. Certainly a sad 
loss to every one who knew him but I am sure he would want all of us who knew him to 
celebrate his life with a beer in hand and drinking to his memory. Cannot say fairer than 
that, Roger
Hugh Rose ( Rosie)
Dear Elaine,

I am very sorry to hear about Jim it's quite a shock.
We had some good times back in 1980's in HK although we have 
gone our separate ways I have some good stories about those times
with Jim.
As someone else has already mention Jim always had a grin even when 
he had just been clobbered with a Hockey stick!

Averil and I offer our deepest condolences to you. 

Averil Waters and Hugh Rose 

For Jim Walker
For Jim Walker
Racing Wake at the Gold Coast Turf Club, November 13, 2004

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for coming out today for this racing wake in memory 
Jim Walker..... our friend, colleague, mentor, brother, husband and father.

To say the least, Jim’s passing last Monday has been a tremendous shock. We had 
attended the Derby Day Races during the Melbourne Cup carnival just two weeks ago 
and although Jim was feeling crook with what he thought was pneumonia, he still managed 
to have two thousand to win on Hollow Bullet at 7-1 before going back early to the hotel. 
He finished well in front, as usual, while Edwin and I got stuck in to the day's hot tips and 
got cleaned out.

Ever the judge of rising talent, Hollow Bullet went on to win the Oaks the following 
Thursday, Australia’s premier race for fillies.

Elaine felt that a racing related gathering with good friends from all phases of Jim’s life 
would be the most appropriate send off, and I. . . 

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Jeannie Chau
I find it really hard to believe that Jim has left us. I still remember when he came around my 
desk a few weeks ago asking me to book a private box for a race meeting at the Hong Kong 
Jockey Club as well as checking on the status of the Melbourne Cup bookings. I still 
remember him dropping by quietly looking for the International Herald Tribune. Now that he 
is gone but  his friendly smile will never disappear.

When I first joined the company, Jim was our Chairman based in Singapore. Not until I had 
met him in Hong Kong I was always confused with the two Jim Walkers in our company. I 
respected him and called him Mr. Walker.

Dear Elaine and Sophie, my sincere condolences and thoughts are with you. Jim will be 
missed by everyone at CLSA.


Alan Lister
About 3 times a year, the ex-HK Football Club - Hockey Section (usually known as the 
which is the name given to the touring sides) get together for drinks/curry in London. 
we heard the sad news of Jim's death, it seemed very appropriate to make the next get-
together on 25th November "Jim's Wake". While it is normally a stag do, as all of our ladies 
also knew Jim and Elaine, it seemed the natural thing to do to include wives/girlfriends. In 
total there were over 30 people for drinks and 18 went on for curry. Many reminiscences of 
the old times, a few words were said and there was a toast to Jim - all quite informal, in 
keeping with the man. It was also agreed that we wud get together next year on the 
Thursday just before the American Thanksgiving holiday, to celebrate Jim's life and toast his 
A number of pictures were taken on the 25th - see attached - and I was asked to email 
them to u by Hamish Calder. I don't know who the punters are in . . . 

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Karen,Anthony & Katherine Whitcroft
Dear Elaine & Sophie,

You both must be so proud to be the wife and daughter of Jim Walker.
Here is a mountain of a man in achievement, heart and soul.
We were not fortunate enough to know Jim as long as you both and many of his other 
friends and colleagues but every moment spent was entertaining, fun and enjoyable.
The stories, the wry smile, his use of the perfect phrase to describe an event or action made 
him so very special.
Nobody could help but admire and respect "Gentleman Jim Walker"
We would love to have one more glass of "Old Bastard Wine" with him.
He will be so sadly missed by all.
Our heart and feelings are always with you.
Jonathan Royce
I only truly met Jim whilst travelling on my gap year and was very kindly taken in for a couple 
of days in surfer's paradise. But in those days I saw all the great virtues that everyone has 
mentioned before me and can only envy those who have had the privelege to share parts of 
their lives with Jim. My deepest condolences go to Elaine and Sophie.
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