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Scott Perrin - Gold coast Born and Bred
Going to miss you and I at The Gold Coast Turf club on that table, you backing anything with 
two duck eggs next to it and or at better than 12-1 and me on all the favourites, then going 
home and always telling the girls we had just won !. Cheers mate, you will be missed.
Chris and Sue Bonsall
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

We just cannot believe it, having only spoken to you and Jim 2 weeks ago and arranged to 
see him and you when we get to Oz next month but we will obviously contact you then. We 
all loved Jim. He was quite simply one of the best and the only person, myself excepted, 
who attended my 30th, 40th and 50th birthday parties. What shall I do now! I am still quite 
numb with shock that I will not be able to have a game of golf with Jim, get smoke blown in 
my eyes and have a yarn about all those great times in HK when we all grew up. It seems 
only yesterday that Jim invited me to lunch at the FCC to tell me he had met the girl of his 
dreams. He had too and how he loved both Sophie and Elaine all the time and for ever. I 
shall never ever forget him as I regarded him as one of my closest friends. God rest his soul 
in that great race track in the sky. We are having a curry for Jim soon in UK and will drink a 
toast or six in his honour and memory for it . . . 

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Alistair Whyte
I first met Jim back in 1985 when he arranged to take myself and a colleague for lunch in 
Edinburgh.In those days Jim, was I think working with Crosby Secs.Jim was on a golfing trip 
to Scotland and had arranged a rather tight schedule and suggested we meet at Vito's, a 
well known Italian, at about 12:30.
As a "normal" young fund manager i.e. loaded with attitude and a grossly inflated view of 
one's self importance,I was becoming a "tad" agitated when at 1:30 Jim had still not 
By 2 o'clock the steam was coming out of the lugholes and the "red mist" was beginning to 
descend. At just after 2 o'clock Jim calmly sauntered into the restaurant,apologised briefly 
and then slowly deliberated over his choice of beer before ordering his meal.An hour and a 
half later we had had a truly terrific lunch, talking briefly about business and  joking about 
the shortcomings of the scots on the sporting arena.At 2 o'clock I had been all prepared to 
give this man "serious ver. . . 

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David and Lynn Royce
What can we say.  He was a dear and loyal friend, a true gent, a kindred spirit and 
someone whose friendship and love we valued greatly.  There are too many fantastic 
memories to leave here at the moment but they will be sent.  Our dearest love and support 
goes out to Elaine and Sophie.
David and Lynn xx
Richard & Angela Haw
Just a quick line to add our condolences to Elaine and Sophie.First memories of Jim are 
around the bar of the old HKFC, with us envying Jim his job at the SCMP which meant he 
missed Friday hockey training as he was finishing the next day's paper (or that's what he 
told us).He still turned up for the beers afterwards of course!Or again, Jim proudly escorting 
the HK PHADS around Australia on hockey tour, with promises of the best pies in the world 
from a shop in Kempsey (or was it Cessnock?)...anyway, it had turned into a Chinese whilst 
he was away.Or turning up for the inaugural drinks for Winfull Lang & Bang at the old Hilton, 
when he and GC opened up in HK. 'Too many brokers already', we said, 'but it's good to 
have Jim back'.There were too many brokers, but it was some of the others who didn't cut it.
...and with all that, Jim never changed.Through ups and downs (mostly ups), he was the 
same genial, relaxed figure.He was truly one of the good guys. 
Liane Dalby Life's not for long, it's for Living

I too like the rest of you are finding it hard to believe that the news is true.  I was very lucky 
to sepnd a night in the company of Jim, Elaine and Sophie on their farm in Queensland last 
December.  After a great day we were fortunate enough to take a piece of Jim with us by 
adopting a saying we  had  heard him quote and one we had not heard before  "Life's not 
for long, it's for living."  For the rest of our 1 month holiday travelling around Oz and even  
today we frequently refer to this saying as jim's quote.  I now realise the magnitude of such 
a quote and how precious life is.   Thankfully Jim was right out there doing the living.   I find 
great comfort knowing this and I am extremely grateful to have such a fond memory and 
quote to remind me of Jim.  He will be sadly missed by so many and my thoughts are with 
elaine, Sophie and family at such a difficult time.

Henry Thornton
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

I was greatly saddened to learn that Jim has passed away.  It is difficult to recall 
individual "highlights" simply because every meeting, drink or chat with Jim was a pleasure 
from start to finish.  A real gent who will be greatly missed by all who had the good fortune 
of his friendship.

Chris & Vicky Brader
I have many great memories of 'Jimbo'; I also have some good photos (which I will try to 
scan and send when I get home) from 1979/80/81 on hockey tours to Singapore/Australia 
and the famous 'Hawaii 8' tour to the West Coast of America when a small section of the 
team, including Walker, failed to meet the rigorous standards of behaviour required by 
Singapore Airlines (today we would be arrested!). The group of friends in Hong Kong in 
those years that were mainly from the hockey section of the HK Football Club have 
remained a close knit but geographically diverse unit with a few non hockey interlopers such 
as Coull and Burton. We may not see each other for years but such is the strength of that 
friendship that when we do meet we just pick up where we left off.

To lose such a friend is a great blow. To lose him at 55 years old is unfair and I am in tears 
as I write this as all the memories flood back. I can picture him in the bar of the'old' football 
club singing hi. . . 

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Shareen Hellen
I was so sad to hear that Jim is no longer with us.

It was a privilege to work for him and I am thankful for the opportunity to
have known him.

Jim, I will miss our tri nations wagers and taking your money off you. Love

Sam Ramsey
I remember meeting Jim for the first time in Aug 1998 in his Nomura office.  I was wearing t-
shirt, jeans and flip-flops and wondering whether I could bum a smoke from him as I 
noticed a pack of cigs on his desk. 
I asked and Jim charmingly put me at ease and said, "Sure and I''ll join you."
After having 2 smokes with him and a 40 minute chat I decided I could work for this man 
and made up my mind to join Nomura.

I got to know Jim pretty well over the ensuing months as we worked together in building 
up the Korean office.  I found out about his love of horses and how he viewed people 
through a breeder's eyes.  For example, he would knowingly chuckle about my "bloodlines" 
which are Scottish, German and Japanese and exclaim, "What a mix!"
Jim was a special man and had a gift of connecting with people no matter race, religion, sex 
or age.  He was all heart and soul and will be fondly remembered.

My condolences and deepest commiserations to Jim's family - Elaine and S. . . 

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