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Doug and Bridget Kingsman
"Gentleman Jim"!  
Indeed, Jim was a gentle man in the true sense of the word. 

I have had the priviledge of knowing and working with Jim and Elaine over the past few 
years on several of their homes and, in a moment of designer chaos....."Jim, what about 
your chair here?  Jim, what about that lamp there?  Jim, a staircase could work well 
here........?",  gentle Jim would just smile that wry smile we all know so well and say, "Well, 
what do you think? Just get on with it". The moment of panic simply slipped way because 
that is how he handled the situation. There was always a calmness about everything he 
touched, and all without complaint. Jim, we will miss all that, we really will.

To Elaine and dear Sophie, please accept our deepest sympathy. Words cannot express 
our feelings and sense of loss at this time for you both but one thing is certain, Jim is up 
there still thinking, "oh come on, you lot. Just get on with it!".

Doug and Bridget Kingsman 

Stephen McAlinden
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

I am so sorry to hear the news that Jim has passed away. Jim was one of the warmest, 
most easy going people I have ever met. He had a gift for friendship and was always full of 
advice and charm. When I first met Jim he was already a legend in the Asian broking world 
and it was easy to see why, his energy and enthusiasm for the business shone through and 
he effortlessly gained the loyalty of everyone who worked with him. Having seen Jim so 
recently in HK it's hard to believe he isn't with us anymore. Jim enjoyed life so much, we will 
always remember him.  Stephen and Brigitte.
Nels Friets
Like many of us CLSA alumni, part of Jim was always with the firm...his influence - both 
directly and indirectly - was evident...and his passing is therefore felt by all who have been 
adorned the blue and arrival to CLSA Singapore coincidentally coincided with his 
departure, my departure with his re-arrival...we joked about that...Jim leaves us with tons of 
memories, usually involving his easy going, joie de vivre spirit...prayers and thoughts are 
with Jim's family and friends....
John Flood
I had the pleasure of meeting Jim in Jan 2000 in the bar of the Island Shangri La Hotel (HK)
The trip was made at the behest of the Chinaman a.k.a. ( Ashley Chan ) to work for Jim in NY
at Nomura.  Two Hoyo de Monterrey ( dbl-coronas ) & a few snifter's of Martell Cordon Blue
the job was mine, what a wonderful afternoon.  Un-fortunately our association was a very 
short, within a year Jim, myself & the Chinaman a.k.a. ( Ashley Chan ) had moved on.
Jim was a wonderful man, a great broker, the new generation of "Brokers" could & should
take a page or two out of Jim's book, how to do it properly. My sympaties to his family.
James A Carstairs
Dear Elaine,

I was so sad to hear this trageic news! I bumped into Jim at the races recently and he 
seemed his same happy self. All I can say I know how you and ur family must be fealing as it 
happened to us with my  fathers death to cancer nearlly 2 years ago.

I wish you all the best!

The Carstairs Family

Angela Wurster-Philadelphia, USA
It's amazing how one can know another human being, only briefly, and be so inspired and 
motivated by who he was in this world. Jim Walker was truly a gentle man in all senses of 
the word. He was accomplished, fun, gracious, generous, and loving. He was a good man. 
His life served a purpose and he took his life on and played it full out. While his physicial life 
ended far before any one of us was ready for it to, a life far too short for such an incredible 
human being, his life had a presence that will carry on. What one of us doesn't aspire to 
have that kind of impact. Someone once said "I would rather have one minute of an 
extraordinary life than a lifetime of ordinary". Jim Walker had an extraordinary life. 

I will always be grateful to Jim Walker for welcoming my sister Beverly with open arms to the 
Lucas family. And, I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to meet him in 
Vancouver. I will always remember him fondly.

Jim- God Speed.

Elaine and. . . 

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Cherry Liu
Jim - i am so sad to hear of this news. I still can't believe it had happened.  Me and Elsa 
were talking about you only two weeks ago, we're both missing those heaps happy hours 
we've shared with you at Nomura. I was planning to bring David to visit you this x'mas time 
and have a round of golf plus few beers altogether. i was so looking forward to it....
Dear Elaine - I know 55 years is too short, but 'life well spent is long'.  Jim is a great person 
with a nice heart, we are proud of being his friends. He will always be missed and 
rememberd by me and so many of his friends all over the world. 

Jol Montague
Some of the greatest creations were first drawn on a napkin and in this case it was the 
creation of my friendship with Jim several years ago. At the local watering hole where a 
small CLSA gang would gather and I first got to know Jim it was determined my tab would 
be tracked and written down on a napkin as I was known for the cobwebs that had 
developed in my wallet when it came to claiming the tab. The napkin was to be kept and 
continually added to until we had enough to have a big lads dinner and evening and I could 
square my tab away in one hit. The day did come and we did have a great evening but I 
owe more than just a dinner and a few beers as Jim's advice and stories to me a relatively 
young lad are things I will keep forever.  Like all I can not believe he’s gone but I’m sure 
little bits of Jim and what he gave and shared with so many will live on.  My sympathies go 
out to all those who will miss him, particularly Elaine and Sophie. 
Edmund Bradley
Where to begin? 1992 I guess. That's when I first met Jim and Elaine in Singapore. I was 
there, courtesy of CLSA, interviewing for a job when I arrived at Jim and Elaine's house one 
evening for dinner ... flowers and all! I don't know if Jim wanted to give me a job, but I'm 
positive Elaine made sure he did. To both of you, thank you - a life-changer.

It's now 12 years later and I'm still with CLSA, but now no Jim. To think he was in HK just a 
couple of months ago, his usual happy-go-lucky self. Who would have thought we'd be 
writing these things two months later? Great sadness all round, particularly for you, Elaine, 
and Sophie. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.  Edmund and Vivien.
Colin and Tess Geddes
Dear Elaine,
We are very very sad to hear about Jim's passing away.   We embrace you across the miles 
and hope you feel our thoughts with you now.
We pray that you will have the strength to go through this difficult time.
The Geddes Family
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