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James Walker
To find the right words to say in tribute to the man after whom I was named, I've stared 
into this screen so many times & the only results so far have been quizzical looks from the 
office cleaners and the occasional colleague also burning the midnight oil (relax Jim, the 
traders never saw me cry). Even now I can imagine him reading this with an editor's pen in 
hand, looking down through spectacles perched precariously on the end of that genuine 
Walker nose, but mindful of the writer's feelings, not editing too much.

So, leaving trying to be profound aside, Uncle Jim was the best uncle a lad could ever have. 
Jim had the magic touch when hanging around with his young nephew. The mischievous 
twist to his smile often preceded Jim including me in an adventure or test of skill – several at 
Palm Beach come to mind – briefly followed by his mock serious face and the conspiratorial 
warning "Don't tell your folks". Ever the storyteller, he would of course do exactly that 
h. . . 

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Matthew Oram
I always felt Jim must have been very like “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.”  
And, part of Jim, I’m sure, would have thrilled at the comparison, indeed the thought may 
well have immediately occurred – “why stop at one bank!”  A fearless punter, whose 
intrepidity when chancing his arm, I deeply admired, his feet were planted squarely on the 
ground.  His sang-froid, his independence of mind and his quiet courtesy were exemplary 
and an inspiration.  Gentleman Jim.

In my mind’s eye, I see Jim and his good mate, Gary striding out along Lockhart Road in 
Wanchai in the late 70’s, intent on cornering the market in financial information – Database 
was about to knock Reuters off its world-wide perch!  That was over a quarter century ago.  
Our paths only randomly crossed since then, as Jim and Gary went on to conquer 
increasingly higher peaks.  But we had horses and racing in common. It was a revelation 
when Jim did what so many of us only dreamt about, set  his . . . 

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Tom Waring
Dear Elaine & Sophie
This outpouring of love and respect for your dear Jim would have amazed him. You won't be 
suprised by the strength of feeling that comes through all these messages, however, 
because you were closest to him and as such don't need reminding just how amazing he 
All of us have our own favorite memories of Jim. He had a spirit, wit and intelligence which 
made him special. He also had a warmth which endeared him to so many people. His 
passing has moved so many, even those of us who have not seen him for some time. The 
sadness of your loss will be offset in time by the wealth of happy memories you have of him. 
Farewell, Jim. 
Martin Cornett
To Elaine and Sophie , my greatest sympathies.

I first met Jim in 1983 , just after he joined Hong Leong Securities. It was a memorable 
evening for the man from Hong Kong mainly due to the very poor quality of food served at 
dinner. This chance meeting led to a long lasting friendship , many sporting occasions ,  
wagers , and even included a job offer in 1988 . 

My first and final interview was with Gerry Mordaunt , Chief executive of Laing & Cruickshank 
in London . The meeting started in the usual fashion with neither side opening up until my 
moment presented itself .I knew Jim and Gerry had a  very strong mutual interest in horses 
and I mentioned I had a decent interest in a crack hurdler called Atrabates who had already 
won 3 races that year . The meeting went well ,I joined Winfull Laing & Cruickshank , and 
the rest as they say is history . My share was only 4% through a cricket team.  The 
interview process summarised Jim ,I think we both made the right choi. . . 

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Alan and Fiona Harden
There is little to say. Jim will be missed by many, and you are in our hearts. 
To the good times.....................remember them well!!!!!!
Alan and Fiona
Humphrey Hawksley
Jim, you won HK$700 off me at a poker game in Coull and Dunfee’s apartment in Happy 
Valley in April 1979 and I won it back from you a hundred times over in different ways over 
the next few years in Hong Kong -- at the Quarry Bay Country Club, the haunts of Lockhart 
Road, the humble and precarious beginnings of chicken shit engines and at the races. I 
hadn’t seen you in years, but your name was legendary and it there’s a big gap knowing 
your no longer around. 
Humphrey, whom you called Tommy. 

Michael Charnock
Kipling's poem, If, describes Jim to a tee. More than a man, a gentleman in every sense, he 
had a rare and gifted human touch that transcended all boundaries -- even the perceived 
present one, as the warmth of the memories continues to glow. Elaine and Sophie please 
accept my condolences: your loss is immeasurable. And thank you Jim for being in my life.
Stephen Hill
It's wierd. I am looking at a nude picture of Jim. It is of his behind! I know what the front 
view looks like. He was huge! I truly miss such a big man in all senses of the word. We 
giggled the day I saw it. I know how often he repeated this story, though as usual he 
embellished it. I know this will make him laugh.
Dan and Lisa McHugh
Elaine and I joked a few days ago that we were all lucky to have had Jim for as long as we 
had him. In 1985 I was playing golf with Jim and Elaine and I skulled a five iron at about the 
speed of sound dorectly at the back of Jim's head (he said it was his incredible athletic 
reactions..I knew he was reaching for a sherby) thankfully, .he looked up in time and 
ducked as the ball shattered the windscreen of the golf cart! Jim--ever the gentleman 
looked at me and simply said your still away!! 
We would go sometimes months and even a few years without much dialogue, but no 
matter how long it had been since our last meeting/beer/golf game/family get together it 
always seemed like we had just seen each other..especially when Jimbo would say" Hello 
There is a big hole in our hearts and lives and we will always remember and treasure Jim as 
truly one of the most remarkeable people ever to grace our lives. 
God bless you Jim, you will never be forgotten my friend. . . 

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Ken Williams
Dear Elaine and Sophie,

I was deeply shocked to hear of Jim’s passing.  Although my time at CLSA was brief and 
contact with Jim fleeting I shared two tremendous occasions (particularly idiosyncratic of 
Jim) with him. He was an institution in his own right and terrific character, who will be 
missed greatly.


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