Andrew Hartley
10-Nov-2004 21:53

Sometimes life gives you a grey day – a colour neither black nor white. Grey days have no 
path or rules to follow – some people may find such days gloomy and tiresome, some may 
whinge and most complain. Then there are people who make it count – who thrive on grey 
days for they become a great canvass without borders. Such people seem to intuitively 
know how to colour the day the right way and for the right reason. To me, Jim was this 
person, not only would he find the paint, mix it up, he stretched the canvass (sometimes to 
extremes) – more importantly he refused to have borders. His leadership, encouragement, 
humour, belief and common sense are qualities that guided him to greatness. For some 
lucky enough to share this time learned things about life no other will know.

Today may look grey, but upstairs sure is not – Jim is no doubt starting something, 
somewhere – and he is going to make it “rock”.  I miss you Jim, I really miss you, it was a 
pleasure to know and work with you. I was honoured to be your “bitch” at CLSA and I 
would do anything to have those days again. You were a great teacher and friend, I owe 
you so much. Your boys at CLSA will shed a tear, will always remember you and will continue 
to fight our corner – that’s what we do best – we would follow you anytime, anywhere. The 
number 1 Asian Equity Team salutes you, we toast your life and are blessed to have known 
you. Yours forever and always…..Hartley