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Charlie D'Amore
We are very sorry that Jim has left us. We will miss him deeply. Our sincere sympathy to you 
Elaine and to all his family.

Charlie and Hazel D'Amore
Bob Jones
Dear Elaine and family,
Everybody had the greatest respect for Jim. No one disliked him. Jim was a gentleman, a 
succesful business man and a good gambler. We will all miss him.

Bob Jones.
Judith Ward & Mark Edwards
I am sure there have been many of us blessed to have known Jim, who have raised a glass 
to him (he would have wanted nothing less would he?)over these past few days. Our toast 
was simply," In memory of Jim,whose love of horses,good wine,cold beer and life made him 
such great company. Whose kindness,humour and thoughfulness made him such a good 
For Elaine and Sophie who must bear the tragic loss of such a special husband and 
wonderful father, please know that we are  thinking of you both, as well as of the good 
times we shared with Jim. 
As friends all we can do is offer our memories as words and pray that they and our love will 
give some small comfort over time.
To quote your good self Jim,"Thanks sport" -'for giving us the opportunity to get to know 
you and for leaving us with such great memories.'
dominic scriven
This is devastating news. Jim was an enormous joy to every room he entered. A man of 
great wit, professionalism and charm. I shall miss him sorely, this "godfather" to so many.

Elaine, Sophie, and Edwin, please know that the thoughts of many are with you.  
Teri Soh
Jim gave me my first job in the broking industry. He was an amazing person ~ successful, 
dynamic, yet was extremely kind, with great sense of humour and amazing calmness.  My 
fondest memory was when we had  farewell drinks for him, when he retired to go back to 
Oz. We made him get up on a stage to sing for us, he did so reluctantly but being a sport, 
he performed for us.  But he got his own back by subtly supplying us with endless amts of 
alcohol. Most of us barely dragged ourselves into work the next morning but we were 
extremely fragile and hungover while he rolled in with a huge grin that said "Got you! 
Serves u all  right for making me sing!"  He will be sorely missed. 
Elaine and Sophie, my deepest sympathies for yr loss. 
Emily-Jade O'Keeffe
To sum up how I feel about the Walker family in one message would not do them justice, so 
I fear I am about to write a novel .
Too often in life people move on without you getting the chance to express exactly how you 
feel about them  -  and the mark, big or small,  
they left on your life.

 I met the Walker family inadvertently through my best and beautiful friend Nicole who 
worked at the Grand Golf Course and would talk fondly of Jim and Elaine  (her two favourite 
members ) . She would often say, “Wait till you meet Elaine, Em, you’ll be just like her when 
you grow up!”  When I did meet Elaine, I found someone I could only hope to emulate. 
Elaine is as close to perfection as anyone I’ve ever met. Although only slightly older than I 
(!)  the generation gap was insignificant and soon I was a regular at the Walker residence.

 Enter Jim Walker, calm, wise, dry and warm, he didn’t seem to mind me running around 
Ocean Isles, although whenever I did walk through t. . . 

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Gai Waterhouse
Dear Elaine and Sophie
What great sadness you have experienced, your darling husband and Dad leaving your lives 
so suddenly. I so much enjoyed training Main Beach for Jim. He was a kind, quietly spoken 
gentleman who loved his horse racing with a passion. But it was obvious his greatest 
passion was his two leading ladies. I would love to see you both racing, we need you to fly 
the flag for Jim when his horses greet the judge.
My thoughts are with you both.
Gai Waterhouse

Nigel Lucas
The great thing about Jim was how he touched so many Peoples lives from so many 
divergent backgrounds. Jim was able to put any one at ease. He would be as comfortable 
with business leaders talking economics as he would be with his mates talking sport. 

Jim was always a great brother-in-law but developed into a golfing, drinking and gambling 

For a man who had lived such a diverse and interesting life his values were simple. He loved 
his Wife and Daughter, liked a beer or three, valued his mate’s friendship and loyalty, loved 
beating the Poms and would bet on anything. 

Jimmy, I will miss you buddy. 


Paul Evans
Where to start, what to say? Although we drifted apart over recent years, I shall always 
remember Jim as a good friend and I shall always think back to the many wonderful times I 
enjoyed in his and Elaine's company. If I had a dollar for every beer I have shared with Jim I 
would be a rich man. Certainly, I am richer for having known him.
To Elaine and family, my deepest condolences.

Andrew Riddick
I suppose someone should say it. If Gary has been the business driver of CLSA, Jim for 
many years was the people side. It was a balancing act and an important one. Such simple 
statements never tell the truth. Gary has been kinder to more people than anyone will ever 
know, while Jim was a lot smarter, harder, more astute and more critical to CLSA's success 
than is usually ever conceded. But the point is he was very so easy to like and love. Even 
when he seemed to be out having fun and you were stuck working in the office, it was all a 
matter of jealousy - that you could not join him. Especially, since he had always invited you.

Along with many, Jim was my first interview at CLSA. Like most who met him in such 
circumstances, I left wanting to join. The fact was that he could sell anything - and easiest 
of all was to sell a job at CLSA. I should also add that until just now (having read Slone), I 
also had no idea how indebted I am to him for having allowed me to stay!. . . 

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