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Roger Ellis
Dear Elaine,I was so sad to hear to hear the news of Jim's passing.He will be sorely missed 
by many.Gentleman"Jim" was just that,whether in business or in sport.I shall remember well 
our JF/Nomura  saturday golf days followed by a long lunch in the Hk Club,or was it the 
other way round?
A good life and a good man.God Bless him,Roger.
Andrew Hartley
Sometimes life gives you a grey day – a colour neither black nor white. Grey days have no 
path or rules to follow – some people may find such days gloomy and tiresome, some may 
whinge and most complain. Then there are people who make it count – who thrive on grey 
days for they become a great canvass without borders. Such people seem to intuitively 
know how to colour the day the right way and for the right reason. To me, Jim was this 
person, not only would he find the paint, mix it up, he stretched the canvass (sometimes to 
extremes) – more importantly he refused to have borders. His leadership, encouragement, 
humour, belief and common sense are qualities that guided him to greatness. For some 
lucky enough to share this time learned things about life no other will know.

Today may look grey, but upstairs sure is not – Jim is no doubt starting something, 
somewhere – and he is going to make it “rock”.  I miss you Jim, I really miss you, it was a 
pleasure to know and . . . 

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John Latter- HKFC -Phad
Dear Elaine, I'm very saddened by Jim's sudden departure and am sure that all ex Phads will 
join me in offering you and Sophie our condolences. 
Geoff Simmons
Jim provided opportunities to many, me included.  It was always great to be with him.  After 
working with him in Asia I also retired to the Gold Coast and was able to spend time with 
him Elaine and Sophie.  We played golf, wined, dined and recalled CLSA memories over a 
few beers.  

Jim spread calmness in tense times and put fun into the challenges.  He had vision beyond 
others and more tolerance than any I have ever met.  We are going to miss you Jim.

Sincere condolences to Elaine, Sophie, Edwin, Nigel and all the other members of Jim’s family 
from Geoff, Jenny and Daniel Simmons.

John Gardner, Kowloon Cricket Club, Hockey Section
Jim will always be remembered by us as a very fine hockey player.  We at KCC who played 
against him enjoyed his no nonsense economical style of play and immaculate 
sportsmanship.  We raised a glass or three to his memory on Monday 8 Nov.  Deepest 
condolences to Elaine and Sophie.
SCMP - Hong Kong
Jim Russell Walker, founding chairman of Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia and former finance 
editor of the South China Morning Post, died yesterday in Australia after a short battle with 

Scottish by birth but raised in Australia, Walker arrived in Hong Kong in 1978 to take charge of finance reporting at the South China Morning Post after an eight-year career with News Limited.

Walker left an indelible mark as a Hong Kong financial journalist, combining insight with a knack for sniffing out stories.

In 1979, he chronicled Li Ka-shing's first steps toward Superman status, breaking the story of Cheung Kong's upstart acquisition of a 22 per cent stake in Hutchison Whampoa from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

Walker left the Post in 1983 to join Hong Leong Securities, and later to set up Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA).

An aficionado of sport and racing, he was a keen field hockey player and an even keener. . .

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Deidre Wilson
Although I have never met Elaine and Sophie I feel like I know them, I work with Emily and I 
speak to her everyday and over the past weeks we have been talking about this very 
special family, so although I have not  had the opportunity to met you and your family I feel 
like I just had to send a note and say how sorry I am about your loss and how special Jim 
must have been.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.  

Paul Bate - London
Jim - you gave me (and lots of others) a big break at Nomura. You made a real difference to 
my life and I thank you for that. You will be missed and remembered with affection. 
Elaine & Sophie - Jim had a big heart and a mischievous smile. He looked in great shape and 
on good form at the Hong Kong forum, which makes the news such a shock. Deepest 
sympathies.  Paul
Phil Alder - Gold Coast
Dear Elaine & Sophie - I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Jim.  My love and 
thoughts are with you both. I will think of Jim when I have a good red.  Keep your faces to 
the sunshine.  Love Phil.
Robert Kennedy
It is with great pleasure that I remember meeting Jim Walker for the first time in 1976.  I 
was a callow youth of 17 and the cadet journalist attached to the financial section of the 
Melbourne office of The Australian newspaper.  Jim had been seconded, in a moment of 
crisis, from the paper's Sydney headquarters to restore coverage from the nation's then 
financial capital.  The finance desk had been thrown into chaos by the sudden resignation of 
the previous incumbent, J.T.T. McCausland, a New York-born son of a firefighter who 
portended that the success of his film screenplay, entitled "Mad Max", would mean that he 
would never have to set foot in The Australian office or the local watering hole, The Celtic 
Club (aka the Green Death), ever again.  Not a bad call as it turned out.  To say that Jim was 
less than enthused about Bryan Frith's decision to post him to the "Athens of the South" 
(Jim preferred the epithet "Mexico") as JTT's replacement would be somewhat of a. . . 

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