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Frederic Melul - Calyon UK
I have heard the news and read your article in the Morning Line. It is a shock, it is very sad. 
And it makes us think. I never met Jim's wife or daughter but  I imagine and share their 
pain.  The Jim I had the chance to meet was great and I will always remember my "debut" in 
Secretariat General when I discussed with him the " Vietnam fund" he wanted to launch.... 
So long ago.
Gary Coull - CLSA
It is with huge sadness that we announce the death of CLSA's founding chairman Jim 
Walker, who passed away early this morning after a brief illness. Jim died on the Australian 
Gold Coast, his loving family close at hand, as well as an up-to-date horse form guide and 
the winnings from our recent successful punting trip to the Melbourne Cup. Jim arrived in 
Melbourne to meet Edwin Lucas - CLSA's head of broking and Jim's brother-in-law - and 
myself for our annual golfing, gambling and racing week. He had been suffering from flu-like 
symptoms but was determined to see the week through. He managed a good night at the 
blackjack table and a great day at the races before returning home to the Gold Coast and 
going into hospital. A week later he passed away, survived by his lovely wife Elaine, herself 
well known to many CLSA clients, and his 11-year-old daughter Sophie - a most remarkable 
young girl and a gifted artist whose paintings so inspired her dad in his final days. Ji. . . 

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